Are iPad/iPhone buyers suckers?

Moderated by Larry Dignan | October 28, 2013 -- 07:00 GMT (00:00 PDT)

Summary: Apple hardware has always commanded a premium price.

Matt Baxter-Reynolds

Matt Baxter-Reynolds




Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

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There's not so much difference

Matt Baxter-Reynolds: Apple's devices are beautifully made and executed. They always feel valuable, and are often highly desired.

But earlier this month when I bought a gold iPhone 5s to replace my Nexus 4, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd replaced a $300 device with a $1,000 one.

Not so long ago, Apple was the only game in town when it came to buying something that was good. Now, with Android Jelly Bean and good devices from Google and Samsung, there's a clearer split in the market.

To me, Apple is like Porsche, and the Nexus and Samsung devices are like buying Fords. Yes, you'll get a better experience in the "Porsche", but there's not so much difference these days between buying one of these and buying a good "Ford".

Suckers who want something that works

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: With a raft of new Apple products having gone on sale over the past few weeks, some people are asking a question: Are iPad and iPhone buyers 'suckers'?

Why exactly are they suckers? Suckers because they spend their hard-earned cash on products that deliver on the promises they make? Suckers because they buy a backed by the ability to return it for whatever reason for a limited period? Suckers because they want a well-engineered product that's reliable and easy-to-use? Suckers because they want a product that comes with regular free updates to the operating that brings with them new features?

A sucker because I want something that works?

If that's the case then yes, I'm a sucker. I'm a sucker for a good product. However, if the insinuation is that I'm a sucker because I'm spending money on a product when I could get something cheaper, then let me remind you of an old adage; buy cheap, buy twice.


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  • NO, of course not!

    Would you even ask that question about someone who choses to drive a Mercedes, or a Lexus, or Cadillac instead of a Honda, or a Chevrolet?
    M Wagner
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    • That assumes Apple is the only high end maker

      You might as well say Ferrari vs Yugo.
      Turd Furgeson
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      • Not really ...

        ... the Honda is just as functional as the BMW. Similarly, the Android is just as functional as the iPhone.

        The difference is that both Apple and BMW attract buyers who are willing to pay premium prices for "form over function". That does not make them "suckers".

        It's the derogatory view of people that make those choices that I object to.
        M Wagner
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        • Apple ecosystem is terrible expensive and not even secure

          I have never giving lots of critics of their desktop, menu and hardware. When really makes me angry is their overhyped OSX as very complex spagetti code system - a big mess. It's not even secure at all and whole ecosystem is absolutely too expensive for huge majority of people.

          I prefer Linux, though their desktop (Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE) are not anything special. But it's free and secure and working stable. No need to be locked in Cupertino or Redmond Gulag.
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      • Of course Apple is not the only high end maker

        The eight billion Android clones are low end purveyors, and the only other people who make their own OS (Microsoft) have a device (the Surface Pro), that tilts even more to the high end than Apple does with their entries in the tablet category.

        But Apple is a pretty reliable bet. Up and down the product line, you're not going to find junk anywhere on it. Not the phones, not the TV, not the computers, not the tablets. That's a fairly attractive thing when you're thinking of a new digital product.
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    • The problem is people think something is better merely because... costs more. BMW is a prime example. As a BMW owner I can't say it is a better car than a lower priced Honda or Toyota. In fact I would say the BMW requires more upkeep than the other two. So why do I drive a BMW? Because I like the way it drives. However I don't pretend it's better than other vehicles. It just matches my preference.
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      • Honda Accord V6

        I own a Honda Accord V6 and love the performance. Great handling. Sadly after 2007 the Hondas do not seem as sporty for handling.

        The iPad and iPhone base models may be closer to practical than performance. Great resale value and locked-down experience. The Microsoft Surface appears to be the overpriced one. The Androids, for the most part, seem to have good value. Only the base models of iPad Air and iPhone 5s , IMHO, provide decent value, though the 4" screen is too narrow on the iPhones.
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  • Size, Quality and Features

    Right size (coworker comments on oversized Android phones(in order to get the latest and greatest)), an issue that coworker had with his Samsung and the new features on the iPhone are what keep me with the iPhones. I have a 4 and will update next year to either 5S or 6 when my contract expires.

    When I buy a product, one of the important questions is quality and iPhone has not been a problem in any way for me. The 'connectedness' of the Apple products while not perfect is very important.

    And are you sucker for buying a topline Android vs a midlevel Android. So the question has many ways of being looked at.
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    • Other Stuff

      Let's not forget quality, support, customer service, issue response, and flexibility.
      I use both Android and iOS phones. While they both have plusses and minuses, overall for the top tier devices, I have had more issues with my iPhones than my Android phones.

      For top end devices, I have to disagree with Matt, this is more of a Lexus vs. Infiniti vs. Acura vs. BMW vs. Mercedes vs. Audi vs. Cadillac vs.... Want is in the eye of the beholder. Far fewer factor in Need. End of the day they pretty much all work. I just feel (IMHO) that Apple tries to play their devices as "better than anyone else" when this is far from the truth.

      They are just another device provider.
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  • Loaded question.

    If they refresh their devices because they have a real need, or want new features... nope. If they upgrade just because it's there? Then yep.
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