The Great Debate Series

Summary: Each week, ZDNet hosts The Great Debate, a real-time look at the big technology topics of the day and what they mean. Bringing together respected tech experts to debate the hottest tech topics of the day, the series aims to emulate an Oxford-style debate, with a dash of Fight Club mixed in. We expect -- and encourage -- your participation in this forum.

Current Debate

3D printing: Revolution or hype?

Lyndsey Gilpin

Lyndsey Gilpin

Charlie Osborne

Charlie Osborne

A 3D printer in every home? The next industrial revolution? Our debaters struggle to separate fact from fiction.

Past Debates

Time to abandon Gmail?

Last year Gmail passed Hotmail to become the world's most popular email service. But that was then.

November 11, 2013 -- 07:00 GMT (23:00 PST) Moderated by Jason Hiner