Debian GNU/Linux Point Release

Debian GNU/Linux Point Release

Summary: I know, I know. Everyone who has any interest in this kind of thing is waiting anxiously for the new Ubuntu release.


I know, I know. Everyone who has any interest in this kind of thing is waiting anxiously for the new Ubuntu release. So I will shamelessly exploit that anticipation by mentioning that an updated distribution for Debian GNU/Linux "squeeze", 6.0.3, was announced over the weekend. Well, announced, but not quite entirely available yet. Most of the ISO images have been updated, but the Live images have not yet.

As is usual with this kind of Debian interim release, this is not a new version, it is only a rollup of the updates, patches and new packages that have come out since the last point update. If you already have Debian installed, you can get all of this by just pointing to a current Debian mirror and updating. The Release Announcement contains a complete list of security fixes and package updates. If you frequently install/reinstall Debian from scratch, it is probably worthwhile to download the new ISO images.

jw 13/10/2011

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  • I'm glad to see notices that don't relate to Ubuntu. Jamie, I've been keeping an eye on Linux long enough to remember the old days, when "Red Hat Linux is not all of Linux" was the mantra. These days, Ubuntu is the new Red Hat.
    I'm waiting for Fedora 16, and then Linux Mint 12. Ubuntu's release is nice but not crucial - to me it just affects the schedule for Mint 12.
    Maybe Unity has gotten a little better.
  • @Thomas - I have loaded the new Ubuntu release on a few of my systems, and you are right on both counts - Unity has gotten a little better (but it was/is so bad that "a little better" isn't much help), and the really important thing about the release of Ubuntu is that it determines the release of Mint 12. My list for the remainder of this year is the same as yours, plus openSuSE 12.1.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • I agree with both of you; I used to be excited about the release of a new Ubuntu, but since the new Gnome SHell and Unity I kinda avoid celebration of a new release of Ubuntu or Fedora or Sabayon or xxx. Fortunately there's still Mint Linux (or PinguyOS).
  • I couldn't quite put my finger on why Fedora 15 seemed better than Ubuntu 11.04, but the fact is that I'm eager to use 16, while still not really planning to look at Ubuntu 11.10. I guess because I'm a very happy Mint user (and have been since around Mint 8), I already have Ubuntu's best features (evil grin).
    I will check out openSUSE 12.1 sometime in late December just to see how it compares.
    Marc-Andre, what do you like in Pinguy? I've seen a few other good reviews, but I'm actually the sort of Linux user who sticks with one distro most of the time - I don't have a spare machine to keep testing on.
  • Ubuntu seems to be doing with Unity what Microsoft is about to do with Windows 8. Unfortunate all the way round. I tried the live CD of the newest Ubuntu, but Unity still makes me balk. I now have Mint 11 and am very happy with it. Incidentally, I've just tried Puppy Linux and find it light, fast, and fun. It packs a lot of functionality into a very small footprint by today's standards.