Decibullz earphones: Custom molded, inexpensive, and built for fitness

Decibullz earphones: Custom molded, inexpensive, and built for fitness

Summary: When you workout and listen to music, there is nothing as frustrating as earphones that fall out. Decibullz solved that with their custom mold earphones.


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  • Decibullz retail package

    Many of us enjoy listening to music when we work out as it provides a distraction while also offering up motivation. Most earphones I have tried end up falling out because I sweat a lot and they don't offer a perfect, custom fit.

    You will be glad to hear there is now a very affordable custom solution that is designed to stay in and sound great. The Decibullz Contour custom molded earphones are available now for $59 with black, red, white, blue, light blue, pink, purple, and orange custom molds. You can buy extra custom molds for $19.99 for a pair.

    I was sent a blue and red pair to test out for a couple weeks. The retail package arrived and I followed the process shown in the video below to mold the earbuds to my ears.

    The process was as easy as shown in the video and the earbuds fit in well. I went running with the earbuds over the last couple of weeks and they did not budge. I really don't like running with wired headphones unless I have my phone or music player secured in an arm band.

    For my testing, I had the Decibullz connected to my wrist into the MOTOACTV and also to my Samsung Galaxy S5 that I held in my hand. Thankfully, the cable is flat and extremely light so I was actually able to run for nearly an hour each time without the wired headphone cable bothering me too much as it bounced around.

    The Decibullz fit into my ears perfectly every single time and I am really enjoying the custom fit. If they end up not fitting as well over time then you can remold them if you desire. There is a video showing you how to remold the contour molds.

    Decibullz also included a very nice zippered carrying case to hold your Decibullz earphones. There are also small, medium, and large earphone tips so make sure to figure out which fit best before you begin customizing the molds.

    You will find a single button remote and mic on the right earphone cable. The remote lets you play or pause music, skip to the next song, go to the previous song, answer or end a call, and access voice control services (if supported by your phone). The remote does not let you control the music volume.

    Speaking of volume and sound quality, the Decibullz provided loud, clear, and rich audio output. I only made one call with the Decibullz on since I never really make calls while running or working out. The caller said I sounded just fine.

    One thing to keep in mind when you wear the Decibullz is that they will block out most sound because they are filling up most of your outer ear. I only run with them during the daylight and in areas where there are not cars that could strike me without warning. Make sure to use them responsibly.

    The Decibullz are a lot less expensive than other custom fit earphones I have seen and are well priced for standard earphones as well. If you need something that is not going to fall out of your ear, I highly recommend you check these out.

  • Blue and red custom molds

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  • Poor safety choice for outdoor types

    Any noise isolation headphone is a bad idea for runners or outdoor types. A set of Plantronic's Backbeat Fit, or Denon ExerciseFreak is a better alternative IMO.
    • just don't push them in all the way

      I made myself a custom fit ear mold set out of two part rubbery ear plug putty. It's basically the same as this but you can use any earphone you want, pretty much. They will block out most noise wonderfully, and stay in firmly, and they are super comfortable. And if you want to have a conversation with someone or hear more ambient noise, you can pull them out slightly to break the air seal. They still stay in quite well and yet you can hear other stuff quite well, as long as your music volume is not too high. This is actually much more adaptable and quicker to get set in your ears than any other noise isolation eartips you can use like the flanged silicone, or the expanding foam cylinders.

      It is a bit tricky to make the earplugs. I found that it was best to just make the solid earplug, let it harden, then drill a hole through that to put in my Etymotic earphones. And the hole had to be drilled partly from the inner end and partly from the outer so it could turn a bit of a corner. And the hole had to be about 30% smaller than the earphone body so it stays in nice and tight. I made about 3 earplugs before I got it right. But it's great and lasts a few years at least so worth the trouble.
  • It's hard to take a company seriously that uses a Z for an S

  • How about just making the tips?

    This is a brilliant idea but if the main selling point are the ear tips and not the earbuds themselves they should just make the tips for us to pair with our own favorite earbuds. I recognize the earbuds in the markets come in various sizes but think some 4-5 standard sizes would cover a great deal of models in the market.
  • Bluetooth

    Now if these do work as well as you say, maybe this could work on some Bluetooth headsets that most all of them fail on ear fit.