Defence raids ATO for new CIO

Defence raids ATO for new CIO

Summary: The Department of Defence has announced its new CIO, Greg Farr, hired from the ranks of the Australian Taxation Office.


In brief The Department of Defence (DoD) has announced its new CIO, Greg Farr, hired from the ranks of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Farr was picked from among public and private sector candidates, according to the DoD, to take up the position of department CIO, leaving his current role as second commissioner in the ATO.

Farr has experience in project management and has helped overhaul the ATO's ICT operations, the DoD said.

The announcement marks the second major public sector CIO hire this week. Wednesday saw the appointment of Emmanuel Rodriguez to the post of NSW state CIO.

Farr has been the ATO's key spokesperson during the break up of the AU$1.8 billion whole-of-department contract held by Texan outsourcing giant, EDS.

The ATO is set to announce the first of its three major outsourcing deals for managed network services next month, covering voice, mobile and data carriage, PABX, desktop handsets and LAN and WAN switches.

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