Dell cuts price on XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT to $299.99

Dell cuts price on XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT to $299.99

Summary: Is this another sign of Windows RT's inability to connect with the buying public?


It hasn't been easy going for Windows RT, the mobile-friendly version of Windows 8 that launched with much fanfare, but has struggled to make a mark in the increasingly crowded tablet market. Samsung scuttled plans to introduce the Ativ Tab in the US, a Toshiba exec recently complained that Microsoft confused buyers with Windows RT and Windows 8, and manufacturers have been slashing prices of Windows RT tablets.

(Image: Dell)

One of those manufacturers is Dell, which cut the price of its XPS 10 tablet a bit last month and is now at it again. The company has just reduced the starting price for its 32GB Windows RT slate to just $299.99, or $200 less than what Microsoft is charging for its Surface RT tablet. You can get a case thrown in for an additional $30, or a keyboard dock for $50 more.

Dell is trying to spin the price cut, calling it an "exclusive online price" and a "limited time offer" and pointing out the "market value" of $449.99. But you don't need to resort to such semantics if you have a hot-selling product. And while it looks like Windows 8 tablets are starting to get a bit of traction in the marketplace, signs like Dell's latest price cut point to Windows RT failing to match Microsoft's expectations for the new OS. Maybe the Windows Blue update to RT can breathe some life into it — or maybe it will wind up being a last-ditch effort to save it.

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  • Well, they are starting to pique my interest a bit now!

    Finally getting prices down where they could be squeezed into my budget, LOL! My wife has seen some of the Surface ads on TV, she says they look like something she might could use. Considering she despises, literally, my PCs and notebooks, something like this might be ok for her, she took to WP7 on a Samsung Focus without me having to give her a step by step tutorial. A guy has to do what a guy has to do to keep the Mrs happy!
    • Lol, I agree

      I agree with that sentiment. The prices being lower makes them a much more sensible buy, imo. Especially since you could have gotten a full powered; Atom windows 8 tablet at there old price.
  • I think $299.99 is the right price for it

    And to begin with they should have made it $300 range from the beginning.
    Ram U
    • People don't make things to lose money, oh forgot MS

      Dell is probably losing money on these at $300, it's called cut your losses.
      • More Android-tablets coming with price of $100-150...

        ...and it means: Microsoft can't compete - never.

        Only Loverock and others living in 1990's fantasies will be locked on M$ ecosystems...
    • Well ..

      My family is currently visiting the US. They picked up both a Nook HD and a Nook HD+ for $313 plus taxes. Those Nooks now have full Google Play access, but they will at some point be rooted and run CM.

      Quality HW running the latest version of Android and an unbelievable price. The Surface RT never had a chance, even at clearance prices.
      • thing you'll see is a close out price of anything related

        to Windows 8 - Surface RT........... RT was and is a total FAIL as was first expressed here on Zdnet
        Over and Out
      • Wow.

        Never any time wasted for you too.

        Or is it the fact that these RT tablets are for sale at LESS then the Nook that's worrying you guys? ;)
        William Farrel
        • Less THAN .....

          In any event, my point was that we got BOTH a 7" and 9" tablet for about the same price the Dell RT on sale.

          I have NO idea what point YOU were trying to make, but that is not an unusual experience.
        • wait

          Where is this? I have yet to see an RT less than a Nook!
  • Dell RT Price

    Is this a drop to clear out the RT before the real Windows 8 tablets hit the shelves?
    • I wondered why someone would by an RT tablet for 499

      when $100 more gets you something line the HP Envy 2 convertible, with full Windows 8, and keyboard.
      William Farrel
      • for $50 *less* anyone could buy Asus Vivotab smart

        running x86 full windows.. with twice the storage of WindowsRT tablets.

        The problem is that Windows8 does everything WindowsRT does, so it makes it a poor choice. The same could be said about iOS and Android.
        • Good Point. I used the Envy as we just purchased one for $599

          (not counting the Rewards coupon as $599 was the price straight out, actually got it for $449) and found it to be quite a nice system.

          It will be used primarily in "laptop" configuration, the tablet is secondary consideration, but still nice to use even as a tablet.
          William Farrel
          • Sorry, meant $549

            Wish their developers could figure out how to put an edit button back in here.
            William Farrel
  • Better

    $300 is a better price than $450 for a netbook without a keyboard that has approximately the same screen resolution, approximately the same speed, has much less storage and can't run traditional Windows applications.
  • This would be great...

    ...but I already bought a Surface, so... =]
  • Format is dominated by the iPad

    It is time that Microsoft accepts this format is dominated by the iPad.
    • Dell RT Price

      I thought this was about a price drop not tablet wars. Some people have to get their prejudices in no matter what.
      • Re: "not tablet wars"

        The iPad dominates is a "MATTER OF FACT"