Dell introduces Inspiron 11 laptop for $349

Dell introduces Inspiron 11 laptop for $349

Summary: The company claims its new diminutive notebook offers more than 8 hours of battery life when configured with an Intel Haswell processor.

TOPICS: Mobility, Dell, Laptops

If you like the size of Apple's MacBook Air, but can't afford the $1,000 price tag, Dell has just announced a similarly small laptop at a fraction of the price.

The Dell Inspiron 11 (not to be confused with the Inspiron 11z released a few years back) features an 11.6-inch Gorilla Glass screen, though you probably shouldn't expect anything like Retina display resolution for the starting price of $349. For that amount, you get an AMD processor, but you can upgrade to an Intel fourth-generation (Haswell) Core processor starting at $379.

Dell claims that the Inspiron 11 will deliver an impressive 8+ hours of battery life when using a Haswell CPU. It packs that performance in a system that weighs just 3.15 pounds and is 0.83 inches thick. As with most Dell systems, you'll be able to customize from the base configuration, with a maximum of 4GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive space available. 

The Inspiron 11 will ship with Windows 8.1 installed and its display is touch-enabled to make use of the new OS's touchscreen capabilities. According to The Verge, Dell is promising that the new laptop (and other new systems) will be decluttered, with less bloatware and other miscellany mucking up the user experience.

Dell is making the Inspiron 11 available starting on October 3. For more details on the new notebook in the meantime, check out some hands-on coverage from our sister site CNET.

Topics: Mobility, Dell, Laptops

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  • still exclusively going with Windows?

    Oh, wait, forgot that Mikey has to work hard for those borrowed from Ballmer billions... In case you didn't notice, other OEM's don't seem to own much to Microsoft and find a little less incentives in those infamous NDA's nowadays. Check out Linux net/laptops from Asus and Acer at, nothing to brag about, but maybe just yet...
    • Stop with the crap... Windows 8 is a solid OS.

      Windows 8 is a solid OS. Even with all the complaints, win8 managed to overcome all OS X versions all together. I'm personally very very pleased with Windows 8, and wait, Windows 8.1 will be even better.
      Can't wait....
      • Windows 8?

        Talking about crap...
        "win8 managed to overcome all OS X" Yes, managed by means of PREINSTALLED instances. You do understand what the prefix pre- means?
        • What's your point?

          Are you saying people bought PCs with Win8 preinstalled and then took it home and installed Linux in its place? People buy the combined HW/SW
          • people buy

            what is available. Some do install their own operating systems, not necessarily GNU/Linux, say, Windows 7 for Win8. And ... you never knew that?
          • Because...


            ...Windows 7 works so well on touchscreen laptops? Or Linux, for that matter? It's simply obvious you are averse to change, and will either adapt eventually, or be considered a dinosaur curmudgeon naysayer. And you'll likely never 'admit' it.
    • Last year will be the year of Linux.

      And so will this year, and the next year, and the year after that...

      Every year will be the year that Linux thrives on Desktops.
      • You can have your cookie

        Don't worry, it is possible. Ballmer and Co. have more misgivings about Linux than you can even imagine .
        • Not completely true.

          I understand your rebuttal to ForeverCookie's comment (it is simply uninformed and ridiculous), but Microsoft has actually become much more aware and inclusive of the large role Linux has commanded over the years. I was going to include links to a simple search of "Microsoft + Linux", but you can do that for yourself and see.

          No need to throw disparaging remarks in either direction. Just ignore such ignorant comments. "For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise." Saint Paul
  • Nice machine!

    At the risk of being "on topic" which is a rarity around here - this looks like a good piece of equipment. I had an 11z for many years and it never missed a beat. And this much improved model is several hundred dollars less than what I paid for my 11z. I am less enthused by the touch screen but you can just ignore it and use the mouse. If anyone put their grubby paws on my computer screen they would be risking their life. The last thing anyone would want would be to spend you day cleaning off fingerprints while you are trying to work. I will be looking at one of these seriously in the near future.

    And, just for information, my 11z ran Debian Linux. But that is irrelevant to a discussion about the hardware.
  • Upvoted

    For being on-topic.
  • Another "net book" from Dell Microsoft Intel

    Secret success from Apple: it's competitors keep making same mistakes over again. Smart people never learn.
    • a 4th generation haswell, 4gb, 500gb HD, 8 hour battery, touchscreen

      ... is now a netbook?

      Just how much history do you have to rewrite to make that comparison even remotely believable?

      I guess anything small and affordable is now a netbook, regardless of how powerful it actually is.