Dell intros services to help enterprises design mobile strategies

Dell intros services to help enterprises design mobile strategies

Summary: Dell is taking a more fine-tuned, hands-on approach with its latest mobility and BYOD services for enterprise customers.


Dell is continuing to get on top of the "bring your own device" trend, among other mobility issues, with a new set of services designed to enable enterprise customers design their own mobility strategies.

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The first introduction is Dell's Enterprise Mobility Application suite, which includes consulting services as well as solutions intended to help improve the employee user experience and provide mobile business intelligence.

It also consists of multi-platform app development tools for both native and cross-platform work across iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows 8 as well as HTML5.

Some of the consulting services draw upon Dell's existing best practices library. Dell is also now including a new mobility services workshop that is touted to offer more in-depth analysis and recommendations based on a specific customer. Those strategies can then be either implemented by Dell or by the company internally.

More on customization, Dell cited in the announcement that it has already helped several business customers develop optimized mobile apps to fulfill various services (such as point-of-sale solutions or supply chain management) to fill out internal mobile strategies as well.

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    This doesn't seem fair that Icahn rides the coattails of all these purchases or shorts, it's the 1% in action, and he's a democrat, where are all the whiny whimpy liberals on this one