Dell Latitude Z: photos

Dell Latitude Z: photos

Summary: Dell's latest Latitude is a premium notebook showcasing some cool new technology, including wireless docking and inductive charging.


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  • Dell has been working hard to dispel its stodgy image in recent times, and the ultra-thin Latitude Z certainly doesn't look much like a regular Dell Latitude. With a 16in., 1,600-by-900 resolution screen, the 2.5cm-thick, 2.04kg Latitude Z is intended as a premium platform to showcase Dell's innovative technology.

    The chassis is a new dark 'Black Cherry' colour, with brushed aluminium panels giving it a hint of luxury.

    Photo  Dell

  • The Latitude Z's most notable feature is the touch-sensitive EdgeTouch area on the screen surround (top) that lets you control a number of features, including multimedia playback and the integrated 2-megapixel webcam. The latter is unusual in having an application that lets you scan business cards or entire documents to PDF (bottom).

    Photo  Dell

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  • Looks very nice...

    Yup looks very good like some of the tech thats in it like wireless battery charging :O impressive, Just wondering when some one will start to work on flexible TFT screens that could bend fold or roll up without creasing.