Dell launches R920 high-end server

Dell launches R920 high-end server

Summary: The PowerEdge R920 is Dell's high-end server that's often used as a way to handle workloads that often aren't virtualized over reliability concerns.


Dell on Tuesday launched its PowerEdge R920 server that's designed for workhorse applications such as enterprise resource planning, e-commerce and a wide-range of databases.


The PowerEdge is Dell's high-end server that's often used as a way to handle workloads that often aren't virtualized over reliability concerns.

Brian Payne, executive director of Dell Server Solutions, noted that the PowerEdge R920 is also used for virtualization ships too, but the server highlights how "not all applications are ideal for a virtualized use case."

The 4-socket 4U server is built on Intel's new E7 processors and aims to deliver the same performance as the previous generation 8-socket server. Dell outlined the following additions to the R920 to boost performance:

  • Storage and data access: The R920 has 8 PCIe Express Flash drives, a H730P PowerEdge RAID controller that doubles cache size and the ability to maximize performance based on the available solid state drives. 
  • Memory: The server has up to 6 TB of memory and up to 24 local storage drives. 
  • Fault resilient memory and Intel's Run Sure technology along with Dell's AppAssure software to bolster continuity.

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  • Dell High End? Laughable!!!

    Only a complete Dolt would use Dell as a "high end" server.

    More like bottom end garbage.
    • hmmm???

      Who would you recommend?
      • CISCO UCS

        We switched from Dell to Cisco UCS blades for virtualization, and their rack servers for applications that cannot be virtualized. We saw an immediate performance gain by around 45%, and it got even better when we added the Nexus. The R720 servers we were using were junk. But it wasn't all server/network hardware. We also swapped out the Equallogic, for a NetApp. Everything Dell makes, is junk.
        • Comparing Apples with Oranges?

          @Sumbich - I haven't experienced the Dell PowerEdge myself as we use Cisco kit here too but it really depends on which UCS blade and Cisco rack you're comparing the R720 to. I noticed with a quick search that the R720's are fairly low spec. If you're comparing high end UCS blades and racks, then I'd agree the Cisco kit can knock the socks off an R720. Generally speaking, based on people I talk to who do use Dell kits, Cisco kits costs more than a Dell of comparable specs.
  • Tech Support

    I don't know how this one compares with other offerings but one thing I must say about Dell is that they have great tech support. I have dealt with tech support from multiple companies, most of which are terrible, but with Dell, I always get a person within minutes of calling and their people are very knowledgeable.