Dell launches Sandy Bridge quad-core Vostro 460

Dell launches Sandy Bridge quad-core Vostro 460

Summary: The company says that the quad-core device is easier to configure than previous desktops and will allow for future upgrades

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Dell has launched the Vostro 460 — a quad-core desktop machine based on the new Intel Sandy Bridge processor.

The machine, which Dell says is aimed specifically at small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), will house second-generation quad-core i5 or i7 processors. The Vostro 460 has Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, designed to allow processor cores to run faster than base level, if operating below power, current or temperature limits.

"Customers seeking reliable IT solutions will make the most of their technology spend with the Vostro 460, benefiting from easy-to-configure features that are highly productive," the company said in a statement on its blog.

Among the base level specs, the Vostro 460 has a Blu-ray disc drive, 7.1 high-definition sound and a 350W power supply. Optional upgrades include up to 3TB of hard-disk space, and the ability to upgrade the base-level integrated graphics to a discrete 1GB Nvidia card, or an ATI HD discrete graphics card.

The Vostro was available from Wednesday with prices starting from £508.80 including VAT and delivery in the UK. Customers can get support through Dell's ProSupport options, which start at £55 per year, the company said.

Topic: Hardware

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