Dell may diversify into console market

Dell may diversify into console market

Summary: In its search for new revenue streams, Dell may choose games consoles as a possible route, according to reports


Dell may be looking at the games console market as a way to help it to diversify. Such a move would be a logical follow-up to the company's increasing presence in the PC gaming business.

But the PC vendor will only confirm its interest in the area and it has no immediate plans in the pipeline, according to Abizar Vakharia, who heads up the company's gaming division.

At the Dell European Innovation event in Marbella, Spain, Vakharia was asked if the company had plans for a games console. "You know, that's definitely one that's on the radar screen, but we have no plans to talk about anything today," Vakharia replied, according to a report in PCPlus.

What was not known at the time by most delegates at the event was that Dell was about to lose its chief executive, Kevin Rollins, and see the return of Michael Dell as the man in charge. But the company has been on an aggressive strategy of diversifying into many new home computing areas as it tries to placate an impatient Wall Street that has seen the Dell share price damaged by a series of bad news stories in the past year.

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