Dell now shipping XPS 12 Ultrabook/tablet with Intel Haswell processors

Dell now shipping XPS 12 Ultrabook/tablet with Intel Haswell processors

Summary: The refreshed convertible laptop also adds Near Field Communication, starts at $1,199.99.


Dell launched the XPS 12 last fall as one of the first Windows 8 notebooks that could switch between laptop and tablet modes. Last month the company announced that it would be adding Intel's new Haswell processors to an updated version of the device, and this week Dell has started selling the refreshed 2013 XPS 12.

As anyone following Intel's launch of the fourth-generation Core CPUs knows, the Haswell chips offer improved performance while strengthening battery life. Dell is claiming that the new processors will boost the XPS 12's speed by 1.6 times and battery life by 2.5 hours. (They'll also boost its starting price, but more on that in a bit.)

In addition to the Haswell upgrade, Dell has given the XPS 12 support for Near Field Communications, letting you transfer files by tapping an NFC-supporting device to the Ultrabook.

The expected battery life jump will help overcome one of the XPS 12's weaknesses, based on Sandra Vogel's review from earlier this year, which otherwise praises the system's swiveling screen and overall design. 

The previous version of the XPS 12 has received a price cut with the introduction of the new model. Its new starting price is $1,099.99, whereas the Haswell version starts at $1,199.99. At that price, you get a Core i5-4200U processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD. For $200 more, you can upgrade to a Core i7-4500U and 8GB of RAM, while the $1,999 configuration keeps the i7-4500U and 8GB of RAM but provides a massive 512GB SSD.

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  • What an infuriating review...

    Haswell is all about battery life, and yet we're left to guess as to what sort of battery life we can expect from this system. Sandra Vogel's linked review just tells us that battery life isn't great, and this article tells us we can expect an additional 2.5 hours. So at best what we can surmise is that this hybrid system's battery life is 2.5 hours longer than "not great."
    • I agree!!

      Clearly, this article is not a review of the product but still... why is it difficult to tell us the expected battery life since it is such an important feature of the product upgrade.
      • Click the link

        If you followed the link it says 8 hours 43 minutes run time with the new processor.
  • Digitalizer?

    For $1999 where is the digitilizer?
  • Digitalizer?

    For $1999 where is the digitilizer?
  • The price is

    totally nonsense. In the last 3 years dell failed to make products with a good price. I ever bought my laptops from them, but now they are too much overpriced
    • Overpriced? Hardly

      For what you get, the price is actually reasonable.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • I own the previous XPS12 model...

    It's a great piece of kit, and the battery life is pretty decent IMO. An extra 2.5 hours of battery life means that it is now likely possible to get through an entire work day without plugging it in.