Dell reveals launch details of Mini 10 netbook

Dell reveals launch details of Mini 10 netbook

Summary: The 10-inch-screened netbook will be available within days, although customers wanting Ubuntu, high-definition video capabilities and 2GB of RAM may want to wait until later in the year

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  • The Mini 10 runs Windows XP and comes with a gigabyte of RAM as standard. Hard-drive size options include 120GB or 160GB, with a 250GB option coming later this year. An Ubuntu Linux version will also be made available in 2009.

    Dell is also offering its netbook users a free 2GB of online storage — a similar strategy to that already in use by Asus with its Eee PCs — with paid-for online storage options going up to 100GB.

    According to Dell blogger Lionel Menchaca, writing on the Direct2Dell website, the first batch of Mini 10s will not have upgradeable RAM, so those hoping for more than 1GB will need to wait for the 2GB version to be released later this year.

  • Although the Mini 10 comes with HDMI output for connection to high-definition televisions, a 720p HD video option for the netbook is only coming out "later this year", Dell said in a statement on Monday.

    Connectivity in the netbook includes 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, with optional 802.11 Draft-n, optional Bluetooth, optional cellular connectivity and optional GPS.

    The Mini 10 will first be made available to UK customers on 26 February, costing from £299 including VAT and delivery.

Topic: Hardware

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