Dell teams with VMware on pre-configured virtual desktop pool

Dell teams with VMware on pre-configured virtual desktop pool

Summary: Dell and VMware are teaming up again, this time on a pre-integrated converged infrastructure for virtual desktop environments.


Dell and VMware are teaming up once again on a new virtualization angle for enterprise customers, this time with a pre-configured converged infrastructure for pooling virtual desktops.

Announced amid the VMware Partner Exchange conference in Las Vegas this week, the new solution is dubbed the Dell DVS Enterprise - Active System 800 for VDI workloads with VMware Horizon View 5.2.

If that's not a mouthful already, there's plenty more under the hood packed in -- especially from Dell's side as the platform is comprised of pre-selected server, storage, networking, thin clients and infrastructure management software from the Round, Rock. Texas-based company.

The new system also stems from the resources acquired from Dell's purchase of cloud and software management provider Gale Technologies in November. VMware's Horizon View 5.2 essentially serves up the user experience while deploying personalized virtual desktops to multiple devices.

Overall, the infrastructure is designed to enable companies to more easily deploy and manage VDI workloads.

Janet Diaz from Dell's global marketing and communications team explained further in a blog post on Wednesday that this Dell-VMware collaboration is "is capable of running VDI along with general and specific workloads including cloud and enterprise applications in a converged infrastructure."

Specifying that the solution supports up to 135 users per compute node, Diaz outlined that the major benefits include rapid scalability, faster and easier provisioning, automated storage load balancing, and integrated data protection.

The Dell DVS Enterprise – Active System 800 with VMware Horizon View is slated to roll out in the United States in March, with a global launch scheduled for this summer.

Today's introduction follows a few other releases from this alliance, including a jointly-produced VDI designed to offer customers and channel partners with validated hardware configurations and vertically optimized reference architectures, which was unveiled during VMworld 2012 last August.

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  • Hosted Desktop, VDI is the future.

    Great article and this partnership shows once again the focus that is going into virtual desktop infrastructure globally. Desktop as a Service and Private cloud based VDI is where we are heading

    This has been further accelerated by the launch of Server 2012 with all the features it brings that allow for better use of VDI.

    Exciting times ahead!
    Phil - Cloud4 Computers