Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet selling for $99 this Monday at Microsoft Store locations

Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet selling for $99 this Monday at Microsoft Store locations

Summary: After the first 20 are sold at each brick-and-mortar outlet, the price goes up to $199 while supplies last. The first 100 tablets sold through the Microsoft online store will also be available for $99, or $199 thereafter.


They might not get the love that Apple stores often do, but Microsoft has slowly amassed more than 40 retail locations over the last couple of years. If you haven't been to one yet, and you're in the market for a new Windows 8.1 tablet, you might want to pay a visit this coming Monday.

That's because Microsoft is offering the Dell Venue 8 Pro for just $99 on December 9 -- and only through its physical stores. That's a massive discount from the $299.99 price that Dell itself sells the base model for. In fact, Dell didn't even offer much of a deal on it during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, choosing just to throw in a free case and a year's worth of accidental damage service if you purchased at the full price.

Of course there's a catch. Only the first 20 Venue 8 Pro tablets sold in each location will be available at the $99 price. After that, the price shoots up to $199 as long as stock lasts (though it may be as little as 10 additional units at a store). That's still a pretty good deal, but the price difference should prompt you to arrive early if you want a chance at the better bargain.

While your best opportunity to score the Venue 8 Pro for dirt cheap is by physically showing up at a Microsoft store, the company's online store will also offer the $99 price for the first 100 units sold. Again, once that quota is reached, the tablet will be available for $199 until supply runs out.

Is the $99 price enough to get you to go to a Microsoft store on Monday to buy a Venue 8 Pro? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

Via The Verge

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  • That is the deal of the century for a great piece

    of hardware. They should do this again and again.
    Johnny Vegas
    • That is such a massive discount

      That it must be getting sold below cost. No doubt MS gets the tab for the losses. No a smart move to do it "again and again" as you suggest.
      • The are losing money.

        But overall it's no many units, so the loss is minimal. I seems like a quick easy way to generate a bit of consumer enthusiasm though.
        Sam Wagner
        • I don't disagree with you

          I disagree with the idea of doing it again and again as it would likely be unsustainable.
      • A loss, I doubt it...

        There's no loss there... probably still about a $50-70 profit.
      • Venue 8 Pro

        Who told you that MS is loosing money when they sale it for $99?
        It only costs Dell $48.12 to manufacture. So they are making %100 profit at $99.
    • Only 20 people get this price

      Everyone else pays $199, which is not remarkably inexpensive for a tablet.
      • compared to what?

        It is $100 less than anything apple offers. Even their outdated last generation iPad mini.

        Its even cheaper than a 16gb Google nexus 7.
        • Do Your Homework

          Do you honestly fall for marketing that tells you that a quad core equipped device will run faster than a dual core device,
          Do you believe that a device with 2gb of ram will run better than a device with 1gb of arm,
          In mosts tests, the iPhone with the dual core and 1gb ram soundly trounces the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Quad core and 2gb of ram.
          Do you shop for devices strictly based on specs, If so its sad to hear.
          Do you know Apple makes the software AND hardware designs in house.
          Do you understand that they don’t need top specs to run fast.
          Do you understand the term efficient.
          I’ve used Macs and PC’s BOTH for the last 20 years, I have Apple tablets and phones as well as Android tablets and phones, there’s things I like iOS, OSX, Windows and Android.
          But look through the rose colored glasses you see through and realize all that matters in the end is how well it functions, Not the selling points on the outside of the carton.
          • Do you know concepts for doing the Homework?

            "Do you shop for devices strictly based on specs, If so its sad to hear."
            Mac runs good with normal specs, because it is a unix based graphical interface os. However, if you have better specs, You can run that efficient os with a better memory and computing performance.
            Just being apple fan is not enough.. Know the reasons why it is fast.. Talking about Mac, I dont know why it is so heftily priced even though it has such lower config!
            Er Mohit Sharma
          • i zombie says;da apal logo

            unga me likey apal me want apal now
          • sorry to disagree...

            But I have personally tested everything from the 4s to the 5s and the S4 destroys them for graphical applications.
            Michael Lambert
          • macs are for children

            try beating a pc in fps
          • boring facts

            did you know osx is a ripoff from open source ubuntu?
          • i hate glasses

            the tiny screen of the i phone was giving me head aches now i text from my monster phablet
          • macs are for children below 8

            mac book cost the same greenies as an ultra book name one single benifit over ultra books other than design because thats just a very foolish variable to consider whie buying a laptop
          • apple,s not a damsel in distress

            i dont care if apple designs there own products they are made in china just like all the other products why are they over priced(while being inferior)
          • WTF are you talking about?

            MacPCfencesitter said $199 wasn't exactly inexpensive for a tablet and I pointed out how that price is lower than many other tablet offerings.

            I stated a few simple facts about PRICES, not anything about specs or which is a better purchase.

            Get the sand out of your vag.
  • $99 would be awesome

    I just played for couple of hours with venue pro 8 and was really impressed. Speed is awesome. No lag at all. All scrolling is smooth. IE is unbelievably better than Firefox in that regard BTW.
    Tablet form factor - perfect, battery life seems very good so far. Connected to VPN and remote desktop in a few minutes, then just for fun connected the mouse and in couple of seconds it was usable. Basically it is an ideal tablet! I would like to get a 64GB model that also would have GPS. But overall it is unbelievably sweet gadget.
    • Toshiba Encore

      For just a bit more you can get the Toshiba Encore (compared to the regular price of $299 for the Dell). It comes with GPS and HDMI out.

      For $199 though, this Dell can't be beat.
      Rann Xeroxx