Dell Wyse launches cloud stick dubbed Project Ophelia

Dell Wyse launches cloud stick dubbed Project Ophelia

Summary: Dell Wyse's device is a bit larger than an USB stick and aims to bring a virtual window and content access to any monitor or TV.


Dell's Wyse unit has launched a device that's aimed to turn monitors and TVs into a cloud-enabled thin client.

The effort, Dell Wyse's Project Ophelia, is akin to a USB memory stick except that it provides a virtual window into personal and corporate data. The device will be available in the first half of 2013.


According to Dell, the use case would be an executive conducting a demonstration or presentation via a monitor. Project Ophelia is designed to give workers content without a PC, tablet or smartphone. On the enterprise side of the equation, Dell's Wyse software gives IT managers a secure way to allow workers to tote corporate data around.

The device supports both corporate and personal content. Dell said the Project Ophelia device can be used by mobile professionals, online gamers and consumers.

Project Ophelia runs on Wyse's thin client software and connects to virtualization platforms from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. The device also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, connects to a keyboard and mouse, runs Android 4.0 and remembers settings.

The Dell gadget could be handy. It's unclear whether it will be widely adopted. 

Topics: Cloud, Dell, Virtualization, CES, Bring Your Own Device

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  • So, it's an Android PC with integrated Receiver, RDP, and Views clients

    That's the net takeaway on this? Is there any value-add over simply buying one of the other Android PC-on-a-stick offerings (MK802 or whatever) and installing the client apps?

    Or, are there unique value-add client capabilities beyond the generic apps for receiving Citrix/MS/VMWare apps/desktops?

    Don't get me wrong, I think this niche is going to do well, once businesses start to become comfortable with it (it has a pretty compelling TCO) ... but unless Dell is distinguishing itself in some way, it's going to be part of the race to the bottom, price wyse (see what i did there?).
    • PC-less

      According to the article, I would guess it's not running a PC on the stick at all, it's probably simply a connection back to the Dell Wyse infrastructure, similar to what Pano used to do. No PC = less to go wrong adminstratively and maintain. Just brokers a connection.
      • PC-not less

        No, according to the article, it is running Android 4.0, just as the poster asserts.
        • But

          My take is the Android 4.0 is 'thin' and that thought is bolstered by the fact that this is intended to be somewhat of a 'thin client outer-face' (kind of like an 'inter-face,' only not). See what I did there?

          So, I dought it is a typical 'Android-on-a-stick' - probably more of a locked-down Android on a stick, meant only to, as the other person indicated, "run pieces of the WYSE world." Not sure if it's a wyse decision - only thyme will tell. ;-)
  • FXI Cotton Candy PC-on-a-Stick

    The 1st thing I thought of was PC-on-a-Stick when I saw Project Ophelia on Dell's Press Release page.
    What a name, huh?
    Paul B. Wordman
  • Not cotton candy

    This is more like 'Diet Coke.'
  • Also, when is ZDNet going to join the REAL WORLD?

    NOBODY want's comments with OLDEST COMMENT SHOWN FIRST! (Majority don't want that - if in doubt - take a poll of your 'users' - you know, the ones who give you the traffic)

    Every decent blogging/comment platform either has NEWEST COMMENTS FIRST or at least allows you the 'choice' to choose how you want to display the comments! Off-topic, but it really bugs me, and makes me want to drop ZDNet and it's related news feeds.