Dell's Venue Android and Windows 8.1 tablets, updated XPS 15 laptops now available

Dell's Venue Android and Windows 8.1 tablets, updated XPS 15 laptops now available

Summary: The Android-based Venue 7 starts at $149.99, while the Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1 is priced from $299.99.


Dell introduced the latest updates to its portable portfolio a couple of weeks ago, and now the company has announced that many of them are ready to order on its website. 

For those in the market for a new tablet, the resurrected Venue line (once the name for a Dell smartphone) that is currently available includes the Android-based Venue 7 and 8 and the Venue 8 Pro, which runs the new Windows 8.1 and will feature Intel's quad-core Bay Trail Atom processor. As shown above, you can also purchase a stylus for the Venue 8 Pro, which is a $34.99 option.

The Venue 7 costs $149.99 for 16GB, while you'll pay an extra $30 for the additional inch of display with the Venue 8. You can also get a 32GB version of the Venue 8 for $199.99.

The Venue 8 Pro starts at $299.99, which seems to be the lowest price for the slew of new 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablets about to hit the market.

The Venue 11 Pro is slated for release next month.

That's also true for the XPS 11 and updated XPS 13, but the XPS 15 refresh is available now. (Here is the product page, as it's currently tricky to find on the Dell site.) Keeping the MacBook Pro squarely in its sights, the new XPS 15 offers Intel Haswell processors and runs Windows 8.1, but its big selling point is the super-high-res 3,200 x 1,800 15.6-inch touchscreen.

Of course, you'll pay for the extra pixels. The base XPS 15 is $1,499.99, but its display is a "mere" 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. You'll need to pay $400 more for a configuration with the Quad HD+ display. For $400 more than that ($2,299.99), you get a 512GB solid-state drive.

You can learn more about these new Dell systems' specs from my ZDNet colleague John Morris. Will you be purchasing one of the new Venue tablets or the XPS 15? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Durr

    Windows PCs in the Christmas quarter are going to be a legendary horror story.
    • Windows will dominate sales

      People have realised that android tablets are useless and iPad is a waste of money. Windows tablets and PCs can do it all and this sales for windows will be record breaking.
    • Tablets are in Clamshells are Out

      At least they are putting touch on clamshells now. And they are providing better resolution displays. Dell seemed to take to long to both. The XPS 15 looks like one of the best clamshells Dell has ever made but now they are just followers. Hybrids are the current large demand.

      The tablet they call a "Pro". The operating system is Windows 8.1 not Windows 8.1 Pro. Read Windows RT not Windows with desktop. Talk about confusing and I will bet some really mad customers.

      Yes, Dell will have a legendary Christmas horror story.
      • You don't do homework, do you?

        Windows 8.1 is x64, x86
        Windows 8.1 pro is x64, x86
        Windows 8.1 RT is ARM

        Next time read up before bashing a $299 tablet just cause you don't like windows...
        • I did my homwork

          I looked at the Dell website. They plainly state it uses Window 8.1 and not Windows 8.1 Pro. I double checked Microsoft's website. I am following Microsoft's naming rules.
          •, you didn't.

            One more time, for perpetuity:

            Windows 8.1 - the OS on THIS DEVICE is x64 x86
            Windows 8.1 Pro - x64 x86
            WINDOWS 8.1 RT - The one you obviously think is on it, but it is not. Note the "RT" designation. That would make it the ARM version that runs only Windows Store apps.

            Try and keep up, and while you're keeping up, keep that ugly, uninformed Windows bias to yourself.
            Gentry Harms
          • Just look yourself

            Just look yourself and quit making assumptions. Look at Dells website and what they state. Then look at the names on the Microsoft website. Could Dell's website is wrong.
          • Stop Michael.

            Listen, Michael. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself. Look at what Gentry is telling you. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro are the FULL Windows OS. The backwards compatible one that has full desktop support. Windows 8.1 RT runs on ARM chips and is not backwards compatible. This tablet is Windows 8.1, as Dell states, and as stated here. It is not the Pro version which brings about extra features, but it is still the full Windows version. It is not Windows 8.1 RT.
            Do you understand yet?
      • The Venue Pro DOES run "full" Windows 8.1

        MichaelInMA: Completely incorrect. The Venue Pro is running Windows 8.1 32 bit one one of the new x86 Bay Trail processors, meaning it IS Windows 8 "desktop", NOT Windows RT. Please do not spread misinformation, as you say, things are confusing enough.

        It has Windows 8.1 "home", not "Pro" which allows you to set up a domain and host remote desktop, but yes you do get the desktop, and you can run 10 year old Windows XP apps and all that.
        Leonardo Ceballos
        • But Dell did not say Windows 8.1 Home

          They said just plain Windows 8.1 which according to Microsoft is the current name for Windows RT. Could Dell's website is wrong?????
          • Wrong

            The current name for Windows RT is not Windows 8.1

            You are confusing Microsoft's decision to rename the Surface RT as just the Surface. They did NOT rename the OS.
      • Intel Bay Trail Chips == x64,x86

        It looks like folks have pretty well realized this by now, but just in case:

        Windows 8.1 is an x86/x64 operating system. 8.1 Pro has additional features on top, including enhanced Bitlocker support, and additional enterprise-focused features.

        Windows 8.1 RT, on the other hand, is the tablet-focused OS which only uses the desktop for Office and the desktop version of IE, and Windows Store apps for the rest of its functionality. Windows 8.1 RT is designed to run on ARM processors, while 8.1 and 8.1 Pro are designed for x86/x64.

        Now that that's out of the way, if you look at all the press releases for these tablets, you'll notice that they are housing the Intel Bay Trail chips. This means that they have a standard x86 processor. Windows RT can NOT run on these processors, so even ignoring the naming conventions of Windows 8.1, it is clear that these are not running the pared down RT version of windows.

        Hope that clears up any confusion.
  • I'm buying

    I'm not sure which model, but I am definitely dumping my Ipad2 and getting a windows tablet. I use the ipad for my notes as I speak and the frustration of having to e-mail it to myself so I can read it in kindle is pretty dumb. I can hardly wait for a tablet with a true file system and software that is compatible with my laptop!
  • $150 7" Android IPS Bay Trail? $180 8" same? $200 32GB 8" same?

    Wow, not sure even Dell will be able to mess this up. Those are interesting specs for Android tablets.
    • I suppose they are not bay trail - still "old"atom processors

      I suppose only the new 8.1 tablets are equipped with bay trail processors. The $100 difference between windows and android devices can be explained because of different processor, different memory and windows license.
      • I think you are correct

        Dell is using older Intel Atom Z2580/Z2560 in the Android tablets

        The windows tablet is using the new BayTrail Z3740D to run windows 8.1

        The odd thing is the Venue 8 Pro pricing is gone from dells website today and a few links to it are gone as well. Hmm..