Delta equips 19,000+ flight attendants with Windows Phone 8

Delta equips 19,000+ flight attendants with Windows Phone 8

Summary: Delta is rolling out an on-flight point-of-sale solution in cooperation with Microsoft, Nokia, and AT&T. The Lumia 820s will be used for purchases and other flight information needed by flight attendants.

Delta equips 19,000+ flight attendants with Windows Phone 8
(Image: Microsoft)

Windows Phone is now in 3rd place behind Android and iOS with some excitement behind the platform thanks to devices from Nokia, such as the Lumia 1020. Today we learned that Delta purchased over 19,000 Nokia Lumia 820s for flight attendant to use for in flight point-of-sale and other services.

I'm a dork when it comes to visiting stores and checking out the handsets they use for payments. I remember when Apple stores used old Palm OS devices for years to facilitate purchases and see they have now gone to iOS products. AT&T used an iPad for my entire purchase experience when I purchased my Nokia Lumia 1020 in the retail store.

Today's announcement sees Delta taking the Lumia 820s and connecting them via WiFi to make sales via the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile point-of-sale platform. The Lumia 820 will also provide frequent flyer info, passenger manifestos, connecting gate informtion, flight attending scheduling updates, and more.

Most mobile platforms are quite stable and reliable today, especially when you look at a few years ago when you could expect regular lockups and resets on your device. Windows Phone is the most stable mobile OS I have used and it makes sense that Delta is going with a low cost, stable device like the Lumia 820.

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  • Things are changing...

    I believe corporate America is realizing that not only is Windows Phone 8 here to stay, but that adoption rates are rising (albeit slowly) and that there are definite advantages to the use of WP8 devices in an enterprise environment, especially where Exchange Server is used for Outlook corporate email. My own employer has adopted Nokia Lumia devices to replace BB phones.

    I also see increasing corporate-created WP8 apps. My broker Fidelity Investments has a nice app that has already gone through 2 updates, and General Motors just released the Onstar RemoteLink app for WP8, something I used to have on my old Android phone.

    The WP8 world is looking better and better all the time.
  • Kudos to Microsoft, Nokia, and Delta

    Really fantastic news for everyone involved.

    "I remember when Apple stores used old Palm OS devices for years to facilitate purchases"

    Didn't apple stores use Windows Mobile devices?

    Too funny, you just can't make this stuff up.
    • well they used Palm devices for sometime before moving

      to WinMo. They discontinued WinMo and moved iPads and iPhones later.
      Ram U
      • Yes, didn't mean to imply that Matthew was wrong

        Only that Microsoft has had a significant mobile presence for a very long time, even in apple stores.
        • Yes, I see your point.

          Ram U
        • Just ask owners of the Kin

          They've had a significant mobile presence for a very long time too.

          • Apple Newton

            Come on really want to talk about failed products. Every company has them.
          • So you have to go back 15-20 years to fine one?

            Lame - lol...
          • Ubuntu Edge...

            there, that recent enough for you?
          • Ubuntu Edge was a non-starter

            Nobody carried it.
          • All the carriers have windoze phone

            And they can't even give them away for free.
          • CaviarRed suffers a smackdown!

            William Farrel
          • Wilie Farrell smacks his own head

            You shouldn't do things like that ya know...

          • And you're going back almost 4 years now

            So what's the time limit? (You'll make up a number 4 years or less, I'm sure)

            AppleTV ('s just a ...hobby, yeah! A hobby, that's it). iWorks? I can through more in here, but then you'd have to change your name to CaviarEvenMoreRedInTheFace.

            You trolls never learn - run head first into a stone wall, rub your head, get up, try it again, same effect

            Too easy....
            William Farrel
          • Apple TV is doing quite well, Wilie

            6 million of the 3rd Generation sold between January 1st and April 5, 2013

            I realize you had difficulty figuring that out so I did it for you. I do that for the feeble-minded on occasion.

            Amn't I nice? :D
          • Funny 6 million wasn't a big number

            until it suddenly was about Apple.

            (Oh, and it's not 6 million. You should go back to school for math, do those calculations again).

            LOL. You'll never learn, as you're always on the losing end...

            William Farrel
          • 6 million in 5 months is noting to sneeze at

            But we realize you couldn't get Apple TV to work. You didn't know how to change the channel.

  • I hear a lot of complaints at AT&T stores with this new mobile kiosks

    They have nothing against iPad, but the things changed within the system like layouts etc. and also they are still working on tables and chairs, until then they get back-pain. Thats what most of the complaints are.
    Ram U
  • Cool

    Glad to see some recognition of the merits of WP's potential as a superior development platform.
    Sir Name
  • Question About Price

    Did Delta get any sort of discount above and beyond that which a *normal* bulk order would normally generate? I.e., did M$ practically give them away just so that it would have bragging rights?