Demand for computer engineers dropping

Demand for computer engineers dropping

Summary: Simply Hired's jobs report show high demand for journalists...

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Simply Hired has produced its September Jobs Trend report. It shows Google has the most job openings in the San Francisco/Bay Area:

1. Google - 1,421 jobs

2. Sutter Health - 1,364 jobs

3. Apple - 942 jobs

4. Starbucks - 712 jobs

5. eBay - 692 jobs

Lots of companies report difficulty in hiring software engineers. However, job openings fell 4% month to month to 20,055 in September, a drop of 32% from last year.

There are 40,172 jobs for journalists and media workers, an increase of 13.8% from the prior month, and up 36% from a year ago.

Simply Hired says that nationwide job openings increased by 5.6%, the fourth time in five months that jobs increased (they dipped slightly in August).

Top hiring company is McDonald's with 16,196 job openings, second is Deloitte with 14,909.

There is more detail here:

Topic: Google

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  • Wow...

    I don't even want to hazard a guess at what it says about our ecomony that McDonald's & Deloitte are the two companies with the most job openings... talk about two wildly different companies in wildly different industries...
  • Of course tax auditing companies get a boost during this administration

    collecting all the taxes to support a liberal agenda while crippling their abilities to hire people will slant job providers in this direction. Good for Deloitte and the tax collectors (I guess) !!!
    • Blah blah blah liberal agenda blah blah blah

      My taxes have gone down since Bush left office. You need to stop smoking that stuff Rush gives you.
      • Is that

        since you have less income because you have been unemployed since Obama got into the White House?
  • Outsourcing, Rewarding Corporations that Ship U.S. Jobs Overseas

    Over the last four years, Congress voted eleven times to protect:
    Tax breaks for corporations that ship American jobs overseas
    Off-shore tax havens for corporations and the wealthiest Americans
    Tax loopholes for CEOs deferred compensation paid by off-shore companies, foreign tax haven corporations dodging U.S. taxes, and Americans who renounce their citizenship
    These tax breaks cost American taxpayers over $60 billion dollars.

    Under President Bush,Congress voted 8 times to expand tax breaks for outsourcing and protect offshore tax havens.
    Enacted legislation to provide $42 billion in tax breaks for offshore operations of U.S. corporations, encouraging the shipping of U.S. jobs overseas.
    Voted to protect tax shelters for corporations relocating overseas to avoid paying taxes.
    Voted to protect government contracts for these corporate expatriates.