Deutsche Telekom offers online code scanner

Deutsche Telekom offers online code scanner

Summary: The service will allow developers to check that the code they're using to build applications is free of security holes.

TOPICS: Security, Software

German telecoms giant Deutsche Telecom has unveiled a cloud service that checks the code used in web and mobile applications for security vulnerabilities.

The service was made available on Tuesday when Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden announced a partnership with code vulnerability identifier CheckMarx.

The partnership allows Deutsche Telekom to use Checkmarx's Static Code Analysis tool to power Developer Garden's new service, Code Analyzer.

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The tool enables software developers to test code written in C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, JavaScript and Objective-C. PHP, Perl and Ruby are also supported. Code Analyzer is an on-demand service that does not need to be integrated into a customer's own IT infrastructure.

The results of a code scan are aggregated in a web-based dashboard providing an easy way to quickly assess software risks and take action. All data is hosted securely on Deutsche Telekom servers in accordance with German data protection regulations.

Developers can upload code via Code Analyzer's upload wizard, from a Git repository or from ZIP files.

Code Analyzer is available in three different versions, ranging from €499 to €3,750 a month. Customers pay more if they want to perform a higher number of scans or input larger quantities of code.

Customers that opt for one of the top two tiers can use Eclipse and Visual Studio plugins, while the top tier also includes training and support features like query optimisation. Developers can sign up for a 30 day test version that includes five free scans on the Developer Garden web site.

Topics: Security, Software

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  • Deutsche Telekom offers online code scanner

    Microsoft should be the first in line to purchas a thousand units. Maybe than they wouldn't need to patch something every Tuesday.
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