DevOps pros: We need more automation!

DevOps pros: We need more automation!

Summary: DevOps teams, tasked with speeding up application delivery, are mired in their own time sinks.


For people involved in DevOps, time is not on their side. Production cycles keep getting tighter and tighter, and many IT professionals are still saddled with manual tasks. 

It's the old story of the cobbler's shoeless children. While IT professionals have been automating great swaths of their organizations, those overseeing the turnaround of IT projects are begging for more automation. This comes out of a survey published by JumpCloud and SoftLayer, conducted at their first-ever joint DevOps Conference. 

The top challenges to DevOps professionals' jobs are deployment and patching activities, followed by user management and log file analysis and forensics.

Eight-two percent of respondents said they need to automate more. The tasks they seek to automate include configuration and development, along with user management and log management. 

There is movement to automate -- three-quarters of the group said they are using some form of configuration automation tool such as Chef or Puppet.  More than half currently employ scripts to get their jobs done. Approximately one-third reported using some form of patching solution. A segment, about one in seven, said that they don't have a shortage of tools, but they simply don't have enough hours in the day to get things done.

DevOps is seen as a way to greatly promote efficiency and spirit of collaboration within enterprises. It brings together developers, who tend to work at their own pace and schedules, and operations people, whose job it is to manage highly structured and scheduled environments. However, any gains may be lost if DevOps teams get mired in time sinks.

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  • I think everyone in DevOps agrees

    You nailed it Joe. Automation is the driving goal in DevOps, but usually that has to be done while supporting (and hopefully optimizing) manual tasks. Those that can do the latter while driving the former tend to be the most successful.

    I'm actually looking to hire a few of these types right now at Workday. :)
    Jubal Ince (jubal.ince@...