Dialogue Box 4: Projecting projector costs

Dialogue Box 4: Projecting projector costs

Summary: Inside a modern projector, you can find the latest million-mirror nanotechnology — and a light bulb. Guess which costs more

TOPICS: After Hours

Projectors are getting cheaper and better. But they're also getting noisier and hotter — and the special magic that makes the lamps cost so much still hasn't gone away. Dialogue Box looks at what's inside, and whether it's really worth it.

Topic: After Hours

Rupert Goodwins

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  • That was very illuminating.

  • Where is the Axis of Awesome?

    Are we not running with the axis of awesome.
    Urban Badger
  • Light it up...

    Hello guys,
    I enjoyed the episode; I can say that I
  • Beer

    Beer? Now that's a good idea! Check out episode 5 and you should see an improvement in the relaxation factor. That could be related to the fact that the script, such as it was, pretty much went out of the window. Now for the beer...
    Charles McLellan
  • Axis back!

    Check out show 5 - it's back in full effect!
  • What would have been cooler

    What would have been even cooler is if you'd managed to rig up an infocus projector with alternative lighting and shown it working...