Dialogue Box 7: Giving Vista a fair hearing

Dialogue Box 7: Giving Vista a fair hearing

Summary: If computers are so smart, how come they don't understand a word we say? That's perhaps unfair — but, as Dialogue Box found out, even the state-of-the-art speech recognition in Windows Vista has its problems

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We trained it. We fine-tuned it. We even tried reading poetry to it. But when the crunch came, did we find Vista's voice recognition listened up? You'll have to watch to find out...

Topic: After Hours

Rupert Goodwins

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  • Training

    You weren't _particularly fair_ with regards to the training element...your witty comments in between each phrase, whilst hilarious, were indeed picked up by the microphone. One whole passage (at 5:20 remaining) was accepted even though you were just talking about the training you had completed. Furthermore, you were speaking in a specific style...most speech recognition programs tell you to speak in your most natural voice as it helps with recognition. Also you say "if you can stand to sit at your computer for half and hour doing this"...it's a cost/benefit thing. Half an hour of chatting rubbish, but for the rest of your computer use you can be a lazy gimboid...I think it's worth it...

    Anyway, only just discovered the show, enjoy it a great deal, keep it up guys!