Did Syrian Electronic Army hack Obama site?

Did Syrian Electronic Army hack Obama site?

Summary: The hacker group Syrian Electronic Army claims to have hacked e-mail for barackobama.com, formerly the President's campaign web site and now the site for Organizing For Action, his policy advocacy organization.


The hacker group Syrian Electronic Army has announced, through their Twitter account, that they have compromised the email of barackobama.com. They appear only to have compromised the account of one member of the organization.


The domain barackobama.com was the President's election and re-election campaign site. Since then it has been turned into an advocacy organization, Organizing for Action, to promote the President's agenda.

The image accompanying the tweet is a screen grab of a Gmail account ssnurpus@barackobama.com. This indicates what was known before, that the domain is managed by Google Apps. One of the messages specifically refers to a Suzanne Snurpus. Ms Snurpus appears to be involved in Organizing for Action and hosts events at her house in North Augusta, SC.


She doesn't appear to be a big deal in the organization, nor does it seem she has anything to do with the government. There's no reason to believe that anything other than this one email account was compromised.

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that the SEA is also responsible for modifying the links in tweets from @barackobama. We just examined the feed and all the links appear correct, so perhaps the problem has already been solved.

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  • Shocking...

    Hacking the president's old campaign website will likely prove about as useful as hacking Wafflehouse.com. But hey... whatever floats your boat, Abdul.
    • And they didn't evben do that

      The hacked janet_the_waitress@wafflehouse.com
      Larry Seltzer
      • Funny how the headline implies a great deal more.

        How much you want to bet that Ms. Snurpus's gmail password was 1Love0bama, and was the third thing SEA tried? Some hack.
  • Paper Tigers everywhere

    The question is: who is the Syrian Electronic Army really, and why did they conveniently pop up right around when the US Govt wanted to start a war with Syria?
    • It's always possible...

      ...that a group of "patriotic hackers" affiliated with the Syrian Ba'ath Party (otherwise they wouldn't be patriotic) has decided that it has something in common with U.S. Conservatives.
      John L. Ries
      • That was pretty dumb, John, and you get dumber by the post,

        so, why not try to revive that brain of yours.
        • I figure it was at least as plausible of a hypothesis...

          ...as the one propounded by the poster to whom I responded.
          John L. Ries
          • Please note...

            ...that the attack was against Mr. Obama's personal website, not a U.S. government site.
            John L. Ries
          • Your comment was still pretty dumb; no excuses.

            A dumb comment in response to another dumb comment, doesn't make yours any less dumb.
          • What I do think is going on

            The most likely explanation is that the Syrian Electronic Army is a front for the Ba'ath Party (just as the Syrian government is) and acts under its direction.

            I don't believe independent action by "patriotic hackers" on behalf of totalitarian states (and I do put Syria in that category) to be at all likely.
            John L. Ries
  • Looks like they hacked the gmail account of an OFA employee.

    No where NEAR the same thing as hacking the OFA system. So is Larry too stupid to know the difference or just trolling for pageviews with a sexy headline?
  • Ooooh....

    Click link...what a disappointment....close tab...delete zdnet mail. Note to self...don't fail for zdnet newsphish with sensationalist headlines.