Digging into the underground datacentre

Digging into the underground datacentre

Summary: 'The Bunker', a concrete structure under the Kent countryside, is a major datacentre and backup facility for some of the UK's leading companies

TOPICS: Storage

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  • "The Bunker" is touted as one of the most secure datacentres in the country, in terms of both physical and information security.

    Purpose-built in a nuclear bunker decommissioned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the 1990s, the site in Kent is supposedly safe from nuclear, chemical and biological attack.

    As well as being underground, the bunker is encased in walls three metres thick, enough to absorb any explosion. The 18-acre site is surrounded by fencing three metres high, topped by a sprawl of barbed wire. Drivers must park outside the property and pass through this barrier. The security point at the barrier, fronted by bullet-proof glass, is manned on every day of the year by ex-police and ex-MoD guards.

  • If an intruder managed to bypass the guards, they would also have to deal with MoD-trained dogs.

Topic: Storage

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