Dish eyeing T-Mobile for possible 2014 acquisition bid, report says

Dish eyeing T-Mobile for possible 2014 acquisition bid, report says

Summary: The satellite giant could make a bid for the fourth-largest U.S. cellular firm in the coming months — despite a failed Sprint bid earlier this year.

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T-Mobile chief executive John Legere (Image: CNET)

Dish is reportedly eyeing T-Mobile US as a potential acquisition target for 2014, reports Reuters, which spoke to sources familiar with the matter.

If that's the case, Dish could be face-to-face with Sprint in a bidding war, which has reportedly also looked at making a punt for the cellular giant — the same company it briefly and ultimately unsuccessfully tried to buy earlier this year.

While Sprint found a friend in Japan's Softbank, which acquired a 70 percent stake in the company, T-Mobile also found a friend in MetroPCS, which it merged with for $1.5 billion.

But now Dish, not content with not owning a cellular firm of its own, may want to take a stab at T-Mobile instead.

Dish chairman Charlie Ergen is reportedly looking to expand the company he founded beyond television, and wants to plow new resources into the cellular market. It wouldn't be such a bad idea considering Dish has amassed billions of dollars worth of spectrum over the past few years. 

Dish, Sprint, and T-Mobile's parent company Deutsche Telekom declined to comment to Reuters, which first broke the story.

Topic: Networking

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  • That would settle it

    That would be a quick way to be sure I never used T-Mobile again. The two companies with the WORST customer service joining forces? YAY!
    • T-Mobile works for me. If they merge, I'm going to Verizon.

      I've had the opposite experience. T-Mobile does very well. Today, before the holidays, I had less than a 2 minute wait to get a hold of a customer service representative. So today, I lost my phone, so I suspended the service. When I found it (it was under my car seat), they turned the account back on. Because the account was suspended (service couldn't be used), they gave me a credit equal to a day's service, for the time it was lost.

      When this happened with Sprint, they wanted me to buy a new phone, sign another year's contract, and also change my rateplan because the rates went up, and my old plan was no longer offered. I cancelled and went to T-Mobile.

      We also had DishNetwork. Wow, what an experience. Two days after it was installed, and missing our favorite TV shows, we realized the plan we needed on DirecTV cost less.

      DishNetwork's tiered rates had a great price- $20.00 per month, but to get the same channels on a $39.99 DirecTV plan, DishNetwork told us the plan was $49.99.

      We tried to cancel the DishNetwork, but they said since we only had a **72 hour trial period** so we had to go back to Costco to see the salesman to cancel it.

      The returns process for DishNetwork was also complex. They sent a carboard box which wouldn't fit the satellite dish and reciever they wanted back, so we just drove the satellite dish to Littleton CO, and left it with the receptionist in the lobby. We UPS overnight-mailed the converter box to the same address, because that's what DishNetwork wanted us to do.

      This Youtube Video is similar to our experience with DishNetwork.

      Oh, DirecTV gave us the old rateplan, even though we cancelled service. They even gave us an upgraded TiVO for free, and 6 months of the premium package. I think that's why DirecTV is #1 in customer satisfaction for 13 years-- they deliver what people want.

      I think I read somewhere that AT&T was ranked higher in TV service over DishNetwork.
      donald duck 313
  • In the above photo he looks much like Mr. Carl Sagan.

    Okay, vermonter, what did you find so terrible with T-Mobile customer service? The reason I am asking that question is though I am not a T-Mobile customer I have given thought to become one
    • Same question regarding Dish

      I've been a happy Dish customer for four or five years. I've had to place a couple of service calls, and have been satisfied both times.

      As to Legere's appearance, someone should tell him that wearing a short-sleeved jacket over T-shirt went out with 'Miami Vice'.
  • Politics, not money will determine the winner

    The FCC likes having a power seat (David Petraeus) at Sprint. Merging with T-mobile would give the FCC even more unwarranted power as they would have additional control in BOTH Sprint and T-mobile.
    If you think Dish should win T-mobile , then send bitcoin to

    If you think Dish should lose T-mobile, send bitcoin to