Dixons dragged into AMD vs Intel

Dixons dragged into AMD vs Intel

Summary: Dixons has been accused by AMD of limiting its share of the business to below 10 percent

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AMD has accused Dixons of being in Intel's pocket, as part of its antitrust lawsuit against its rival.

In a 48 page complaint to the US District Court of Delaware issued last week, AMD alleged that "in exchange for Intel payments, Dixons Services Group has agreed to keep AMD's share of its business below 10 percent."

AMD is claiming that Intel has forced major customers to accept exclusive deals, and accuses Intel of "withholding rebates and marketing subsidies" to those who buy more AMD processors than agreed in quotas. Dixons is one of the "major customers" named in the document.

Dixons did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But, in a written statement issued to the Sunday Telegraph,  the company stated that the "specific reference to the Dixons Group in the AMD suit is factually incorrect and we are correcting misinformation in the filing".

AMD have also alleged that Intel's major customers have been "threatened with retaliation" if they use or stock AMD products, and have been "put under pressure to boycott AMD product launches".

AMD's action against Intel comes as the European Commission is working on its own antitrust case against the chipmaker.

Topic: Government UK

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  • This doesn't surprise me. Go into any PCWorld and count how many computers are stocked that use AMD chips. I guarantee that you will only need one hand...
  • With Apple moving to Intel-based systems, will PC world quietly ditch AMD ...?
  • alan retired use AMD intel prices out of my market Dixons will loose customers with lack of choise
  • The whole Intel?AMD argument is getting out of hand. I have used both and now always use AMD, they are easier to install/replace and so much faster that there is no competition for me.