Document: Judge's summary of iiNet trial

Document: Judge's summary of iiNet trial

Summary: has obtained Justice Dennis Cowdroy's summary that he read in the NSW Federal Court this morning.

TOPICS: Telcos
7 has obtained permission to publish Justice Dennis Cowdroy's summary — read this morning in court — to help understand the judgement of the iiNet versus Australian Federation against Copyright Theft court case.

The studios first brought iiNet into the Federal Court back in November 2008, arguing that the ISP infringed copyright by failing to take reasonable steps — including enforcing its own terms and conditions — to prevent customers copying films and TV shows over its network.

However, in a packed courtroom in Sydney today, Justice Cowdroy said he found that iiNet did not authorise the infringement of the studios' copyright.

In court, Justice Cowdroy reiterated that the following summary was "not a complete statement of the conclusions".

To download the document from the site, click here (pdf) .

Below is the summary he read:

Topic: Telcos

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  • Aaaargh. Scribd!

    Aaaargh. Scribd -- yet another social networking site you have to sign up for just to download someone else's content. How about just having a PDF on your own servers?
  • Huh?

    Just click download.
  • Not quite Ben

    I tried to download the document, only to be redirected to Scribd's login page. (I'm not signing up to any website only to get the one file I'm after).

    Out of curiosity is there anything preventing ZDNet from hosting PDF's on the site?
  • printing pdf from the scribd documents.

    load a pdf printer in your pc (like cutepdf printer) a free printer defiition and it uses the open source ghost script drivers. when thats loded and working just select the print button from the scribd document at the top. print it using the cutepdf printer to a nice pdf file. then you can store it, send it etc.
  • Strange

    I just tried it on my MacBook Pro and it does want me to login. At work (on PC) it allowed me to download it without doing so... though it could be because I was logged in to scribd. There is nothing stopping us from hosting it. I thought it'd be easier this way.
  • It is annoying...

    It is annoying to have to go to a third party site instead of just downloading the PDF.

    Then agin ZDNet writes about technology.

    Just go goes to show the old saw is still true, that that can do, those that can't write about it.
  • You can now download it on the site

    Hi guys. I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you. This experiment obviously met with dislike. I have now linked to the document hosted on our site as we have done in the past.