Dodo announces NBN pricing

Dodo announces NBN pricing

Summary: The M2-owned budget telco has revealed its NBN pricing, with the cheapest plans to date and an unlimited offering as well.


Dodo has finally revealed its National Broadband Network (NBN) pricing, making it the cheapest NBN retail service provider (RSP) by a very slim margin, and has included an "unlimited" plan for less than AU$60 per month.

Announced on Wednesday, the M2-owned telco has services starting at AU$29.90 for 10GB of data (5MB on peak and 5MB off peak) on line speeds of 12/1Mbps, and goes up to AU$89.90 for 2TB of data (1TB on peak and 1TB off peak) on 100/40Mbps. Its "unlimited" offering is for the 12/1Mbps line speed, and is available for AU$59.90. The plans do not include the connection fee, ongoing line rental, and cost of the modem. Dodo has also said that for an extra AU$15 per month, end users can extend the off-peak data on any of its plans to also be unlimited.

In March last year, ZDNet made a comparison chart of all the announced NBN pricings. Dodo's plans make it the cheapest NBN provider, though with 5GB less download than SkyMesh's similar offering. Since that time, TPG has entered the market with an unlimited NBN plan of its own, that Dodo is now matching.

"Whilst the NBN is capable of delivering fast internet to the home, it is our job to make sure that it can be delivered to Australians at a cheap price," Boris Rozenvasser, consumer director at M2, said in a statement.

"It is with this in mind that we have launched what we believe to be some of the most aggressive plans in the market."

Dodo's NBN pricing.
(Image: Dodo)

The announcement follows those of its competitors Exetel from more than two years ago (though its plans have since been updated), Internode in July 2011, iiNet in September 2011, Optus in November 2011, and Telstra in February last year.

Dodo was bought by M2 Telecommunications in March this year for AU$203.9 million.

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  • "ongoing line rental,"

    What on-going line rental?
  • oh dear, VDSL2 node plans looking even more antiquated now. I can just imagine the phone calls Dodo will get after Turnbull has rolled out all those handsome nodes in the next 1170 days:

    Hello? Dodo?

    Yes this is Dodo speaking. How can we help you?

    I'd like to order a Ultra fibre plan.

    And what speed would your like?

    100/40 please.

    Ok, let me just check that...

    Ok, seems you live in an area that is not covered by our fibre plans.

    What? ffs.

    We can sell you a VDSL2 plan that will give you a speed somewhere between 25mbps and 100mbps for the same price if you like.

    So I'm only guaranteed to get 25mbps?

    Yes 25mbps, but it could be more if you choose to move your house closer to one of the nodes.

    Nodes? Move house? wtf?

    Or we could sell you a FoD product which based on our calculations would cost you just $6995.

    Sounds like I am being ripped off but I guess I don't have a choice since I am forced to use copper and there is no "infrastructure competition" in this area...
    Hubert Cumberdale