DOS hackers take HSBC websites down

DOS hackers take HSBC websites down

Summary: Some of HSBC's online web portals are still offline as the result of a denial-of-service attack, which resulted in customers being unable to use the web services.


Some HSBC customers are still unable to access some of HSBC's online portals and services following a denial-of-service attack, resulting in customers being unable to log on for several hours.

Some HSBC web services went down on Thursday due to a DDoS attack.

Twitter users began reporting the problems accessing the sites at around 17:45BST.

"Anyone else having problems with HSBC Internet Banking not working? Site seems to be down," wrote a user with the name of 'Mrs_Spartacus'.

According to Mark Denne, a partner at West Avenue Capital, the sites, and were all still offline still at around 20:00BST.

"HSBC down. , & all offline. Looks serious. Anyone else seeing this?" he said on Twitter.

At around 20:15BST HSBC provided details of the problem, blaming hackers for the downtime.

"On 18 October 2012 HSBC servers came under a denial of service attack which affected a number of HSBC websites around the world. This denial of service attack did not affect any customer data, but did prevent customers using HSBC online services, including internet banking," the company said in a statement.

"We are taking appropriate action, working hard to restore service. We are pleased to say that some sites are now back up and running," it added.

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  • hsbc / firstdirect taken out

    "...pleased to say that some sites are now back up and running..." - what sites are they then? and both still down as i type.... where's their security?
    • Security...

      They said customer data is secure. It's a DNS attack! Any website, no matter how secure is vulnerable to those.
  • ... And... still down!

    I'm waiting on still nothing. So much for paying bills!
  • ...and still no change...

    an hour and a half later and still no joy - thanks HSBC, fantastic service.
  • 6 hours on!!!!!!! still nothing

    Come on HSBC this is a joke!!!!! Rang to speak to the customer services at 7pm I was told this would be sorted out in a couple of hours I have tried numerous times to get on without success. I rang customer services again and they have closed!!! MARVELOUS!!!!!!

    I wonder if we will get charged when our direct debits come out and we have been unable to transfer money?
  • "DOS hackers"

    Would it not be possible to have these article written by someone who actually has at least a basic understanding of what he's writing about?

    Nobody who has the slightest grasp on what "hacking" is (and I'm not referring to the "hacker"-"cracker"-"computer criminal debate" here) or how a DoS attack works would have ever written those two words this way and next to each other.

    ─▒▒▒▒▒▒▒─▐████──[HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC] - [HSBC]-

  • Really fed up now

    Last posted 7 hours ago. Now 6:39 BST and still no access to Can't they at least issue regular updates?
  • What Goes Around Comes Around: HSBC Bad Karma!

    First, let me state unequivalently, I would neve assist in any illegal or unethical activity, all hacks are bad hacks.

    But, HSBC personally ruined my credit rating using sneaky tricks that accelerated my annual rate and upped my monthly minimum payment to more than I could afford, for no good reason other than their greed.

    If they lose money or go out of business, I will be smiling that they got what they deserved.

    Greed today, Gone tomorrow. Thank God for Karma!
    John Rosengarten