Dotcom orders deletion of 3D gun design from Mega

Dotcom orders deletion of 3D gun design from Mega

Summary: Internet mogul Kim Dotcom says designs for a 3D-printed gun are 'scary', and he has deleted public links to its blueprints from his new file-sharing website.


Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega, has said that the designs for a 3D-printed gun were "scary", and has deleted public links to its blueprints from his file-sharing website.

The US government is investigating whether the gun design, created by US-based company Defense Distributed, breached arms-control laws relating to shipping weapons overseas by making the plans publicly available online.

The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance demanded that Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson remove public access to the designs until he had proven that he was not breaking the law, the BBC has reported.

The plans were available on Kim Dotcom's Mega website, but the New Zealand-based entrepreneur asked his staff to delete the public files.

Dotcom said he was not contacted by the US government, but became aware of its plans to shut down public links to the designs.

"I think it's a serious threat to security of the community. I think it's scary that people can print 3D guns that can't even be detected by metal detectors ... This should concern everybody," he told Radio New Zealand.

The files still remain in private cloud storage on the website, Dotcom said.

More than 100,000 people have already downloaded the blueprints, which are also available via the Pirate Bay file-sharing website.

The BBC reported that Defense Distributed successfully fired the world's first 3D-printed gun earlier this month.

Wilson said he believed his company had not broken the law, as it was specifically set up in a way that makes it exempt from International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Defense Distributed has a licence from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to make and sell the gun, he said.

Dotcom is currently battling the US government on a separate issue, as it seeks to extradite him from New Zealand to face internet piracy charges related to the previous incarnation of his website, Megaupload.

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  • I've heard some figures from America

    That seem a bit "Scary" apparently in 1 month in one of there capital cities more people get killed in shootings than in the War in Afghanistan. Yet they have big protest against the war and almost non against gun control, now this nutter (talking about the clown with the gun 3D printer plans) Glad I live in Australia!
    • Are you talking Mexico City?

      Capital of Mexico? Also in America?
    • Wrong

      "Yet they have big protest against the war and almost non against gun control"

      Oh there are plenty of protests against gun control. America has a concept called "Freedom" that was bought and paid for with the blood of patriots and secured properly by the right of its citizens to utilize and means necessary including the use of deadly force to protect that very concept. Security provided by government is an illusion unlike citizens of many western socialist republics(such as New Zealand, and Australia) Americans are not property of the state, we are individuals with our own personal sovereignty and guard that sovereignty with the very tools that are a threat to said socialist governments we refuse to be slaves to the state.
      • And Yet...

        ...Americans live in more fear and subject themselves and others to more surveillance and monitoring, more security restrictions, more incarceration, than anyone in the "socialist republics", and still face higher murder rates.
  • If they have a license from the ATF ... then they broke the law

    By having the ATF license for the product, the company actually legally agreed that the product is a weapon. That means that the moment they posted the plan on the web and the plans were downloaded using a foreign IP address, they violated the terms of the license.

    This is not an issue of weapon control. This is an issue of security. I'm all for the right to bare arms. But I'm not in favor of giving terrorist, criminals and psychopaths easy access to new weapons that can't be detected by current security measures.
    • There's already a US law about plastic guns

      Back in the 80's, Glock's use of non metalic components led to the passage of a law against any gun with too little metal to be detected by metal detectors. (Ironically Glocks did have plenty of metal and thus had no trouble.) The trick with the plastic gun designs is that while they were designed to have a non-functional chunk of metal inserted to make them comply with that law, that chunk of metal can be easily removed without affecting the usability of the gun.
      Thus what happens next will be a big question.

      It'll also be interesting to see what the NRA does in response. On the one hand, the printable gun maker said he was releasing it so people could have it in case the government ever became tyrannical, which is in line with the NRA's current explanation for the policy's they support. On the other hand, the companies that make guns will not get a penny from printed guns.
  • Only one answer:

    To hell with "metal inserts". It's too late. Arm EVERYONE planning to take an air flight.
    Copyright is dead, to paraphrase.
    Claude Balloune
  • He did the right thing...

    ... by deleting the blueprints from his servers. There is a great deal of responsibility in owning a gun. Yes, you should be able to protect yourself and your family, and if you're up against an armed assailant, then you should be able to do what is necessary to subdue the criminal (subdue, but I don't think it is necessary to kill). A gun is swift and efficient for that purpose.

    Unfortunately, there are people out there without such moral scruples, and unfortunately, the weapon of choice for "armed assailants"... is usually a gun. And if there was a way for a criminal to reduce the chances of getting caught, you can be sure as hell that they will use it.