Dreamweaver CS6

Dreamweaver CS6

Summary: Dreamweaver CS6 delivers enhanced HTML5 and CSS3 features, flexible design tools and better mobile support. It also integrates Adobe's Business Catalyst hosting service.

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  • Dreamweaver CS6
    The return of the browser wars has meant that users expect more and more HTML5 features on the sites they visit. Dreamweaver CS6 is intended to give web designers and developers the tools they need to deliver those sites, adding support for modern CSS3 features like CSS Transitions, along with Fluid Grids that allow sites to be designed once and then delivered to phones, tablets and PCs. There's also improved mobile support, with JQuery Mobile Swatches for themes, and integration with Adobe's PhoneGap service to turn web applications into native mobile apps.

    Dreamweaver is in two CS6 suites: Design/Web Premium (£1,509 ex. VAT; upgrade from £298) and Master Collection (£2,223 ex. VAT; upgrade from £397). On its own, Dreamweaver CS6 costs £302 (ex. VAT; upgrade from £95). Dreamweaver CS6 is also available via a Creative Cloud subscription (£38.11 ex. VAT on an annual subscription).

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  • User interface
    There's a cosy familiarity to Dreamweaver CS6. The familiar mix of design and development tools remains, surrounded by properties panels and the tools you'd expect. There's the option of switching between views targeted at different users, including a multi-monitor view. Open a page and you can switch quickly between a design/layout service and a code editor with support for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as a WebKit-based Live view that lets you see rendered pages without having to leave your code and open a browser.

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Topics: Apps, Reviews, Software

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