Drobo integrates cloud storage option with SMB storage devices

Drobo integrates cloud storage option with SMB storage devices

Summary: Drobo's new relationship with Barracuda Networks provides small businesses with basic file sharing and online backup options.

TOPICS: SMBs, Cloud, Storage

Small-business storage specialist Drobo is teaming up with Barracuda Networks to integrate a cloud storage option with its hardware.

The new capability will allow Drobo 5N users direct access to Barracuda's Copy, which is a cloud service for sharing files that can be accessed from multiple locations or devices.

The intent is twofold: To provide small businesses with basic file sharing and collaboration capabilities that is better than just emailing files to each other, and to provide them with a basic online backup option.

"The hybrid-cloud approach brought to market by Barracuda and Drobo is exactly what businesses and users need — corporate control with user ease," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst with ESG, commenting about the technology in the companies' press release.

The new feature will be available on the Drobo 5N storage hardware starting in March 2013; it will include an optional 5 gigabytes of Copy cloud storage capacity.

The catch is that you have to register with Barracuda, which is well known for its spam filtering and security software, in order to gain access to the cloud storage resources.

Topics: SMBs, Cloud, Storage

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  • Does this include backdoors to your data?

    If I were running Drobo I am not sure Barracuda Networks would be my first choice as a reliable, trustworthy partner. Just last month it was revealed that many Barracuda devices were shipped with backdoors including one with admin rights that had no password. http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/01/backdoors-found-in-barracuda-networks-gear/