Droid DNA, HTC 8X, Chromebook, and UP (MobileTechRoundup show #284)

Droid DNA, HTC 8X, Chromebook, and UP (MobileTechRoundup show #284)

Summary: Start your Thanksgiving holiday week off with our discussion on the latest in mobile technology. Topics include the Droid DNA, HTC 8X, and Chromebook experiences.


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The review devices are in hand and my current favorite is the HTC Droid DNA. Kevin and I kicked off MobileTechRoundup show #284 talking about this device and then Kevin's thoughts on Windows Phone 8. Topics discussed include:

  • HTC Droid DNA is looking good at 1080p
  • Kevin’s thoughts on HTC Windows Phone 8X
  • Matt’s $249 Chromebook experience vs Kevin’s with a $199 Chromebook
  • Jawbone UP, version 2: Did they solve the problems from the last time?
  • Watch free digital TV on iOS, Android for less than $100

Topics: Mobility, Android, Google, HTC, Verizon

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  • Amazon Prime Instant video

    I just got the Samsung Chromebook. This is my first experience with chromeos. Netflix doesn't work yet, but Amazon Prime videos work just fine. I'm liking it a lot.