Dropbox offers another access point to cloud storage with Chooser

Dropbox offers another access point to cloud storage with Chooser

Summary: Following the integration with Facebook Groups, Dropbox offers developers with more tools to offer users with another way to access their cloud-based files.


Dropbox has unveiled a new tool for developers intended to make it simpler for adding Dropbox to their web applications.

Much like the recent integration with Facebook Groups, Dropbox Chooser is set up to basically offer another way to access photos, videos, documents and other content stored with in Dropbox.

Dropbox software engineer Dima Ryazanov explained in a blog post on Thursday that the inspiration for this feature came after "after seeing many developers spend precious time creating file selectors of their own."

Thus, Chooser was designed to be quick and simple as "just a few lines of HTML."

The Dropbox Chooser function can be implemented as a button or called from JavaScript. More details for developers are available on Dropbox's site.

Dropbox also announced that Asana, a company that focuses on task management for teams, is the first business signed up for this service.

Greg Slovacek and Dan Kaplan from Asana's team added in a separate blog post that with the integration of Chooser, Asana users can access Dropbox without ever having to leave the Asana platform. They added:

The simplicity of attaching Dropbox files to tasks in Asana will accelerate the workflow of the many teams whose day-to-day work requires collaborating on files.

It's been a busy week for the San Francisco-based cloud storage company. On Wednesday, it was reported that Dropbox now has more than 100 million users and counting since its launch in 2007.

Image via The Dropbox Blog

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    Our goal is for users to be able to connect directly to their online content, and we're working with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Skydrive, Facebook and others to make this happen.

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    We've been planning to integrate our project management app Wrike (www.wrike.com) with Dropbox for a while, but thanks to the Chooser, we made it happen in just a couple of days! It's one of our priorities to help our users smoothly collaborate on project-related documents right in Wrike, avoiding file version confusion, re-uploads, etc. So, now they can enjoy the benefits of their favorite file-sharing tool Dropbox without leaving Wrike. Kudos to Dropbox team for the handy Chooser!