Dropbox rolls out new API for iOS, Android to ease developer workloads

Dropbox rolls out new API for iOS, Android to ease developer workloads

Summary: Dropbox is trying to give developers a helping hand when integrating its cloud services through a new API.


Dropbox is introducing a new API today intended to make developers' workloads a bit simpler.

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The Sync API for iOS and Android is designed to make it easier to manage connectivity, backends, and storage.

For example, because the Sync API caches locally, developers can use the tool when working offline. The work is then automatically uploaded and synced with existing progress on an app when brought online.

More importantly -- at least for Dropbox -- this API is touted to make it easier for developers to integrate Dropbox's cloud syncing features into their apps. Essentially, the cloud storage provider described the API as a "private Dropbox client built right into your app."

Dropbox cited at least one developer example, boasting that it helped the makers of the iOS portfolio app Squarespace cut their Dropbox code "in half."

The API is available for developers to access now.

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  • Welcome Dropbox

    Sync backend for data and files for multiple mobile platforms - we already had it in http://mobeelizer.com. All I can say "Welcome Dropbox - in the world of making life of the developers easier ;)