Duelling databases: Four apps tested

Duelling databases: Four apps tested

Summary: Databases are by no means an easy product category to understand. Many of the big players now offer free or "light" versions of their databases, but comparing them all is no easy task -- as we found out.

Editor's Choice
Oracle 10G and DB2 are acknowledged as industry leaders in the database field and both are strong in terms of features and are surprisingly easy to use with clean GUIs.

However, one of the other databases tested is also acknowledged by the industry and has proven itself in terms of reliability and performance in many very large installations around the globe. And what's more it is free!

Release 5.0 of MySQL is really taking it to the Oracle and DB2 with advanced features such as cluster support and fault tolerance and in most other departments the features run head to head with the competition. Non-SQL junkies can take heart with the GUIs dramatically reducing the reliance on the CLI, bringing administration and configuration within the realms of the novice. MySQL V5.0 is a compelling product and it is hard to argue against its nomination for the Editor's Choice award.


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Topics: Oracle, Big Data, Data Management, Microsoft

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  • Emconsole a good user interface?

    Are you insane? Emconsole is slowest, ugliest, bugiest interface I have ever witnessed!
  • Un-Compairable Comparisons.

    Not wanting to sound biased or anything, but i dont think its fair to put the Free Version of SQL server up agains a version of Oracle that Cost $20,000. Surely if u had spent that much on MS SQL (ie. the Enterprise version for 4 processors) then you would find a much richer feature set and greater expandability.

    I do think that the MySQL and MSSQL is a good "real" head to head comparison as these are both free offerings. And i DO agree that MySQL is probably a better product for this price.

    But next time, dont put products in there just do make another product look bad. You will only do harm to the publics view on your review process.