eBay taps former IBM exec to lead eBay Enterprise

eBay taps former IBM exec to lead eBay Enterprise

Summary: Craig Hayman worked with IBM's Industry Cloud Solutions and WebSphere businesses, and led IBM's acquisitions of more than a dozen companies.

TOPICS: E-Commerce
Craig Hayman, image via IBM

eBay has tapped former IBM executive Craig Hayman to lead its eBay Enterprise business. Formerly GSI Commerce, eBay Enterprise develops and runs online shopping sites for brick-and-mortar brands and retailers.

Hayman spent 15 years with IBM, with his most recent work with the computing giant focused on its Industry Cloud Solutions and WebSphere businesses. He also led IBM's acquisitions of more than a dozen companies, including Sterling Commerce and Coremetrics.

Hayman will report to eBay chief John Donahoe, who cited Hayman's technology experience as a major strength as he leads the Enterprise team:

Technology continues to have a significant impact on the overall commerce landscape. Craig's experience will enhance our ability to serve retailers and brands in this online to offine world.

Hayman said in his own statement that eBay Enterprise has been a longtime customer of IBM. Perhaps that familiarity will allow him to hit the ground running — or potentially cause some friction.


Topic: E-Commerce

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