Eee PC Touch on the CeBIT show floor

Eee PC Touch on the CeBIT show floor

Summary: Netbook maker Asus displayed its upcoming Eee PC Touch netbooks, including a table with a swivel screen, at the CeBIT trade show


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  • Asus showed off two upcoming Eee PC Touch models at the CeBIT 2009 trade show in Hanover, Germany. The Eee PC Touch T91 is a tablet PC, and has a 9-inch touchscreen that can swivel. The Eee PC Touch 1008HA has a 10-inch display.

    The Asus Eee PC Touch is touchscreen-driven like the iPhone, but has no equivalent of the Apple device's multitouch interface.

  • The Asus Eee PC Touch has a special overlay for Windows XP, which allows it to be operated by pointing with a finger.

    The Eee PC Touch has large icons to make it easier to operate as a touchscreen device.

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