Egnyte intros new partner platform and file sharing infrastructure

Egnyte intros new partner platform and file sharing infrastructure

Summary: Egnyte signs on IBM, Netgear, and others for its new end-to-end file sharing infrastructure.


Egnyte has introduced a new partner platform intended to provide the most diverse cloud storage platform for business users available.

Dubbed EgnytePlus, the end-to-end file sharing infrastructure is based on three pillars: sharing, site-to-site replication, and controlled archiving and backups.

EgnytePlus leverages hybrid cloud technology to enable transfers from online cloud-based storage to local storage. It doesn't require a virtual private network or FTP access, and users should still be able to collaborate over files in real time across multiple locations.

Egnyte says that this platform better addresses the need for accessing any file anytime from anywhere (either locally, virtually or mobile devices) thanks to a strict set of tests designed to ensure that it exceeds Egnyte’s functionality, reliability and performance criteria.

A big part of this is also the host of partners that Egnyte has already signed on to the project. So far, the EgnytePlus-certified products for local storage include IBM N-Series and DS-Series Storage, NetApp Unified Storage, Netgear ReadyNAS and ReadyDATA, and Synology DiskStation.

Essentially, EgnytePlus is touted to offer seamless and secure transfers between online cloud storage and local storage, which has the potential of offering some piece of mind to enterprises that are still hesitant about going cloud-only or those that simply can't yet.

Topics: Cloud, Enterprise Software, Storage, Enterprise 2.0

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