Eight must-have Windows 8 apps for small businesses

Eight must-have Windows 8 apps for small businesses

Summary: These Windows 8 apps are invaluable for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to simplify their workflow.


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  • Saleswah Lite CRM

    This CRM solution for small businesses makes it really easy to run a CRM system and get a good understanding of your sales pipeline, deals and outstanding tasks. You can import your contacts from Linkedin, Microsoft Live, Gmail or Yahoo, connect contacts to deals and schedule tasks.

    You can see how many deals you still have to close, the value of each contact and manage the progress of each deal through each stage through to close. This is a really intuitive app that works across timezones.

    Cost: Free

    Useful for: Small businesses that need to manage multiple different deals and calculate progress through the sales funnel.

    Image: Windows Store

  • Simple Ledger

    Simple Ledger enables you to use double entry accounting to manage your transactions. The simple interface enables you to see all of your individual ledger entries, debits and credits. You can look at all individual accounts, debits and credits and see your transactions on one screen.

    Cost: Free

    Useful for: Small businesses that want to save as much money as possible by minimising the work that their accountant needs to do.

    Image: Windows Store

  • Stock Pilot

    Stock Pilot enables small businesses to manage inventory and track orders. Its advantage is in enabling the business owner to keep control of stock and manage inventory without over spending on stock that is not quickly needed.

    You can get insight into your customer purchases allowing you to target your marketing to customers that buy particular items from you. When an item of stock falls below a user defined level you are alerted to buy more of that item. You can also track your pending orders and manage alert items.

    Cost: $41.99

    Useful for: Small businesses that need to keep tight control of their stock amounts and spend only on items that are used regularly.

    Image: Windows Store

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  • Wow

    Some of these look great. I'll be getting that invoicing app ASAP.
    Sir Name
  • Mobile?

    If you have Windows 8, just get full featured apps. Why bother with dumb down mobile apps to run your business?
    Sean Foley
    • re:

      My partner and I run a side software consulting business in addition to our 9-5s. We have one or two clients at a time. We don't need to buy and have to learn some full featured accounting package just to do invoicing once a month. We've been doing it with Excel, but the invoicing app that Eileen mentioned looks like a way better solution. I'd also like to know if there are any similar apps for keeping track of hours spent on multiple projects. We'd love to have one of those. I thought of writing one, but who's got the time?
      Sir Name
    • For small business

      For small business these kinds of apps could be quite useful. No need to get an IT guy in from some local business, or over the phone help doing installs, no messing around with support from companies for their applications breaking etc.

      Simple install via the marketplace, there is less chance of things breaking in an app that is like 5 - 8 MB in size at install time, than one that is 300MB in size (100 times less code - less chance of stuff breaking), also there's no compatibility issues, the list goes on.

      Instead you simply install a couple of these small targeted apps, and get on with actually running the small business, and in small business the saying 'time is money' is even more true.
  • Lemonade Stand

    Well, looking at these apps, I'm sure they will be invaluable for running a Lemonade Stand or similar sized business... Or perhaps a craft table at a flea market. But they really look so frakking ugly and lame.
    I really don't think Metro is going to fly with any serious business...
    Chimera Obscura
    • Creating a thriving ecosystem

      That is what you get for $2.99 and free apps. These prices are about an order of magnitude smaller than what you find for desktop apps. I indicated below, how I believe MS can reform its app stores, to get quality apps:


      Now the beauty of having an additional Windows Pro app store with minimum regular sales prices, as well as minimum subscription prices, is that it allows small businesses to experiment and obtain far greater rates of success with things like digital magazines, entertainment streaming services, as well as new forms of business apps.

      Google and others have been pushing software prices into the floor. But just like how when TV was free before cable, you could count the number of TV stations on your hand, Google's actions will eliminate virtually all but a few players in the horizontal computer market, and leave just a hand full of companies around who can survive. This means most ISVs and OEMs days could be numbered. Horizontal players, just like hundreds of cable TV stations, need money in the way of subscriptions and other types of up front payments, in order to survive and thrive. This is something Microsoft, Apple, and others need to always remember.
      P. Douglas
    • LOLZ

      NoMore MicrosoftEver
    • The saddest part is ...

      if you submitted something that looks like these in ANY graphic design or marketing course, you'd get an "F" -- and a STRONG recommendation that you SERIOUSLY consider going into a field that doesn't require ANY visual arts talent!

      I've seen TONS of Android apps even for things like image retouching, etc. They all look MUCH more professional that these! Would you REALLY want ANY adult customer to even just SEE you using one of these apps? Poof! There would go ALL your credibility!
      • Althought the last 3 don't look too bad ...

        Hopefully, at some point the app developers will learn about things like color schemes.

        If you want some good apps on a Win 8 (not RT) tablet, your best bet is to install BlueStacks and get Android apps.
        • Nothing to do with the platform...

          I've seen a absolute ton of bad looking Android apps... How professional an app looks is nothing to do with the platform (although looking at the different development platforms - it is way easier to make good looking apps on the MS Platforms). It is more to do with what training, or experience the developer in question has. A lot of the apps are made by small one or two man teams (thus also why they can sell 'em cheap) and not by companies with access to graphic designers. So I think it's a little harsh to just criticise the look without at least offering some suggestion of how it could be better.

          Also no I didn't build any of those apps shown, but as a developer I recognise UI design is something to consider - in my case I'm lucky that I know a graphic designer so can get input from them in return for a few beers, but a lot of small devs wouldn't.
  • Here is the top 5 for Win 8 school tablets

    The top 5 games kids play on school owned Windows 8 tablets while at school are:
    1. Flappy bird
    2. Asphalt Airborne
    3. Slash Fruit.
    4. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    5. Angry Birds
    Pollo Pazzo
  • Task Management & Time Tracking

    There wasnt a task management app featured, any small business looking for one should definitely check out Eclipse Manager a free app that offers task management and time tracking.

    Eclipse Manager