Eight of the best Bluetooth mini speakers

Eight of the best Bluetooth mini speakers

Summary: We round up the best Bluetooth mini speakers we have found to rock the world around you with crisp clear sound.


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  • BlueSYNC OR3

    The OR3 is very powerful for its size, and the Bluetooth connectivity is excellent. Base response is much stronger that you'd expect from such a small speaker. It is suitably loud, has great clarity and bass.

    Image: Amazon

  • Bluetune Bean

    This dome shaped speaker fits in the palm of your hand. It has a loop and carabiner allowing it to be hung on a bag loop or strap.

    Image: Amazon

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  • What about Soundmatters Foxl?

    I've had one for years and think it is top notch.
    Mike Marquis
  • Bose

    That little Bose box sounds great. Produces tons of sound for such a little gadget. I know it's practically the national passtime to diss on Bose, but personally I've always enjoyed the Bose stuff I've heard or owned.

    My biggest issue is with Bluetooth in general. The loss of fidelity associated with compressing audio for Bluetooth can really ruin certain songs. Until bitrates are increased dramatically I'll pass on bluetooth speakers.
    • Curious... & a question.

      I'm green here. I've never toyed with Bose.
      In your opinion, would two bandwidths per speaker make better sound from Bose?
  • Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

    I think you missed the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, about 4x2.5x2.5", excellent sound, battery life, pairs easily. I've been traveling with one for nearly a year, very satisfied. A reference object in your photos would have been helpful to indicate sizes.
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  • Bluetooth speakers

    It's really fantastic in our life with bluetooth speakers,but now I learnt about that there are another new type of mini speakers:No need wifi,no need bluetooth, it's Induction speakers from China.