Electronics and PC repair tools [Gift Guide 2012]

Electronics and PC repair tools [Gift Guide 2012]

Summary: Six great gifts for those whose job it is to keep computers to electronic devices running, or for those who like to tinker with such things.

TOPICS: Hardware

Screw extracting pliers

Fasteners that are broken or seized in place are a real pain, and removing them can push you to the point of tears unless you have the right tool.

Enter the right tool: screw extracting pliers. The specially designed jaws firmly grip screw heads, bolts, or nuts, allowing you to twist out even the most damaged or chewed-up fasteners.

Price: $29.95.

Image source: iFixit.


Apple seems to make enthusiastic use of adhesive in the assembly of iPads, using it to hold the display assembly in place. Here's where the iOpener kit comes handy.

Pop the iOpener in the microwave to heat it up and then lay it across the iPad's display to melt the adhesive. Then use the plastic opening tools and guitar picks to slowly make your way inside the iPad. It's a slow job -- it'll likely to take you 30 minutes even with the right tools -- but you dramatically reduce the risk of smashing the display.

Price: $14.95.

Image source: iFixit.

Leatherman Charge TTi

Without a doubt my favorite multitool is the Leatherman Charge TTi.

The comfort-sculpted titanium handle scales house 19 tools, including a S30V stainless steel clip-point knife, needlenosed pliers, crimpers, scissors, and a multitude to bits to tackle a variety of fasteners.

This is the multitool that MacGyver would surely choose.

28-11-2012 17-40-00

Price: $160.

Image source: Leatherman.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Here is your Windows repair tool

    Alan Smithie
  • Should have iFixit coupon for added value

    Thanks. I just placed an order with iFixit for a tool I needed at home. Since iFixit is listed as the supplier for most of these tools, it would have a great additional value if you have an iFixit coupon to save a few bucks.