EMC streamlines infrastructure management

EMC streamlines infrastructure management

Summary: The company has launched a beta for Ionix Infrastructure Manager 2.0, which brings together management of network, compute and storage layers


EMC has announced a beta program for EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager 2.0, which brings together the management of an infrastructure's network, compute and storage layers.

The software allows companies to more easily transition from physical to virtual to private cloud infrastructures, EMC said in its announcement at the VMworld conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. It automates more than 60 operations that would normally be performed manually — a shift that frees resources and improves a company's operating expenses, according to the manufacturer.

"With EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager 2.0, we're... providing a comprehensive management system for the entire unified infrastructure, rather than throwing together management as a collection of three separate components," said Jay Mastaj, general manager for EMC Ionix, in a statement.

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