EMC trying out on-premise approach for enterprise online file sharing

EMC trying out on-premise approach for enterprise online file sharing

Summary: EMC is trying alternative method at cloud-based file sharing for the enterprise base with what it touts as the "first end-to-end, on-premise storage solution for online file sharing."


While cloud adoption might seem like just a given at this point, there are still many businesses that are still more comfortable with the idea of on-premise storage. EMC is aiming to bring both forces together by syncing up a pair of its products.

Boasting to have developed the "first end-to-end, on-premise storage solution for online file sharing," EMC has essentially combined its Syncplicity cloud file sharing service with either its Isilon network-attached storage (NAS) or Atmos object storage solutions.

Thus, these products aren't so much as new but EMC has found a new way to frame them to customers still wary about moving their data to the cloud as well as those still confused over personal devices in the workplace.

The general idea by combining these two EMC products is to give customers an on-premise infrastructure for sharing and syncing content with all users, computers, and devices connected to the company network as well as with collaborators outside the firewall.

From a security standpoint, EMC asserted that this hybrid method of sorts gives IT more control over "today's consumer-oriented" culture for online sharing while meeting corporate and legacy security requirements.

Furthermore, EMC assured that files are not duplicated and copied to both the cloud and the on-premise infrastructure, clarifying that data stored on-premise is only on-premise -- therefore under the IT radar.

EMC's Syncplicity with either Atmos or Isilon tacked on is available now in beta to enterprise customers.

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  • isilon or Atmos.

    I was hoping that they would extend it to there other NAS products like the VNX/Celerra. Bummer.
    • Varonis DatAnywhere supports VNX/Celerra

      I wouldn’t say EMC is the first to market. Varonis released a product last year called DatAnywhere that has the same goal: all the convenience of cloud-based file sharing, but leave your data where currently resides inside your network. Permissions stay the same. Backup and archiving stay the same.

      Files can live on any of your CIFS-based platforms like EMC, NetApp, and HP NAS devices or regular Windows file servers. Third-party sharing features, mobile support, and more make it a major player.

      (Disclosure: I work for Varonis...but it's an awesome product and solves your VNX problem!)
  • Should be "on-premises" not "on-premise"

    A premise is a proposition used as the basis of an argument.
  • Thank you, RationalGuy

    I am a writer for this industry and "on-premise" makes me nuts. I have just about thrown in the towel, but thank you for your "rational" comment!