EMC unveils Greenplum database free edition

EMC unveils Greenplum database free edition

Summary: The company has launched an open-source community edition of its Greenplum data-warehousing program, which includes software for large-scale analytics


EMC on Tuesday rolled out an open-source community edition of its Greenplum data-warehousing software.

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The free version is aimed at bringing more developers into the data-warehousing fold. Scott Yara, vice president of EMC's data computing products division, said the community edition of the Greenplum database could turn "tens of thousands of downloads" into many more. "There's an opportunity here to grow the analytics community," he said.

The community edition of Greenplum's database includes Greenplum Database CE, which is software for large-scale analytics; MADlib, an open-source analytic algorithms library; and Alpine Miner, a visual data-mining modeller. The community addition can be downloaded as a pre-configured VMware appliance to be used on laptops and desktops, or as a set of packages for other machines.

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