Emirates' use of HP, Windows 8 tablets all about standardization

Emirates' use of HP, Windows 8 tablets all about standardization

Summary: The Dubai-based airline will use a Windows 8 HP tablets for inflight communication and CRM. Why? It's all about standardization for IT.


Emirates' use of HP ElitePad 900 tablets with Windows 8 is a nice starter win, but the use case is fairly boilerplate. Windows shops are likely to adopt Windows 8 tablets assuming heterogeneous devices aren't already in tow.

The Dubai-based airline will use a Windows 8 application called Knowledge Driven Insight Service (KIS). The app, around since 2004, is used for inflight communication and CRM. Emirates announced that it will use the app on Windows 8 and HP ElitePad 900 tablets.

Emirates rollout plan starts with 100 devices by the end of January 2013 and 1,000 by the end of 2013. Why? Emirates standardized its PCs and laptops on Windows 7 and "needed an operating system that would integrate with our corporate IT environment."


In other words, Emirates decided to wait for Microsoft's tablet strategy to take shape before moving. Emirates isn't alone. Other enterprises had a similar standardization theme.

Windows 8 is likely to land many corporate wins if standardization is one of the driving themes. If standardization isn't a priority, Windows 8 will have to duke it out with Android tablets and Apple's iPad.

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  • It's a hit!

    They meant to buy Surfaces, because its a hit! TM. Legacy apps that have been in use since 2004 run flawlessly on Surface with Microsoft Windows 8 RT in Portrait Mode.

    You just can't make this stuff up.
    Steve Jobs Is The Devil.
    • Do you have Surface envy or something?

      Have you tried running two apps side by side on your apple or android device or connect to your homegroup?
  • Emirates' use of HP, Windows 8 tablets all about standardization

    So much for the BS about Microsoft Windows 8 not being an enterprise OS. Emirates should find quite a large ROI with this set up since there will be very little to change within the organization because Microsoft Windows 7 applications are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.

    "needed an operating system that would integrate with our corporate IT environment."
    That one line says it all and that is why Microsoft is winning the corporate desktop. Integration, standardization... it all works for the business. We will continue to hear more stories about this and like the above poster we can claim that Microsoft Windows 8 is a hit.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Why wait? It's a hit, right?

      Just because Ballmer says sales are modest doesn't mean we can't call it a hit! Just because every Fortune 500 company employs iPad in its operations doesn't take any bloom off Emirates' rose! The fact that they went with HP over Microsoft's own hardware means nothing!!
      • It's a hit

        With me, my family and some of my co-workers.
      • This is Windows 8 Pro

        ElitePad 900 runs Windows 8 Pro, not Windows RT, which Surface runs, so the Surface RT would not meet their needs. Also, if the keyboard aspect is not an important part of what Emirates is using the tablet for, there is less reason to consider Surface.
    • "Emirates should find quite a large ROI..."

      Talking through your ignorant hat as usual. You have no fricking idea what the ROI might be on this.

      Do you work for Emitates in IT? Didn't think so. Do you have a link for the numbers? Obviously not.

      You just throw out statements and hope that something will stick.

      Ignorant fan boy babble, pure and simple.
  • Not surprising

    I'm not sure why it is such a surprise. Tablet for business use before was almost non-existent because they need to be compatible with software/environment that most businesses use. But now that Windows and tablets are coming out, this is a no-brainer.
    Lani Desta
  • The cure for Apple's chaos

    Apple has done everything it can to stupify and subjugate a generation of armchair technologist into a mass of conformist consumerist drones. Fortunately, business technologists with actual engineering backgrounds know better than to invest in something just because it has a cute little fruit logo on it.
    Maxx Velocity
    • made by...

      It takes a total fruit to own an Apple product.
    • Sadly

      sadly the uninformed masses just follow the ass's Now if they stopped and had an original thought it might be different !!
    • Wow...

      The Microsoft fanboys sure do come across angry...and scared.
      Surely, there's room for both philosophies ...in a world with more than one problem.
      Sad that you berate Apple via ad hominem attacks on its users rather than congratulate MS, HP, Emirates and Windows 8. I hope all parties get what they want.
      • back to the pc days

        Here and now. Microsoft is just taking back their idea, Apple can play the same game but it's not going to be any different from the 90's. Apple had a run, they ran it as long as they could. But that run is over now, and it's other people's turn. Android is more and more a better choice than ios and Windows is becoming more and more appealing than Android. Apple is becoming the new RIM and it is not a far cry away.
        • Well thanks..

          ...for the OT and condescending irrelevant lecture - tinged with hubris maybe?
          Whatever, same comments apply.
    • You said it Maxx Velocity!

      I keep trying to tell everyone that 3 million iPads in 3 days merely makes your point - they're clearly a mass of conformist consumerist drones! When I walk past the empty Microsoft store and see the Apple Store brimming with curious customers spilling out onto the sidewalk, I can see they're just a herd of conformist consumerist drones!! And let me tell you, when I see the proliferation of Mac computers in coffee shops and college campuses, I can really tell that we're raising a mass of conformist consumerist drones. They'll wake up some day and see how right you are, Maxx, keep up the good work.
      • Coffee shops and college campuses!!!

        Exactly, now try looking in offices and living rooms. What do you see? - Windows!! And there's a lot more of those than coffee shops and college students, most of whom will suddenly realise that their days of playing Mac weren't much good to them when it comes time to work for a living.
        And let's be realistic about iPads, they're used in business because there has been no other viable choice. It's like Blackberries, everybody had one because they were the only player with secure email. Apple won't go quite the same way but once the iPad has a competitor for business (like it does now) it won't be long before it's relegated to also-ran - after all you can't tell somebody rolling out 1,000 of them that they have to use iTunes for device management.
  • Press Releases About Purchases

    Announced by press release, an indicator that Emirates likely received actual and effective - no charge technical support and perhaps application development - discounts.

    Nothing wrong with that and every, I emphasize, every one does this in order to get showcase deployments at the outset of a product launch.

    Just thought I'd mention this before everyone uses a press release projection as proof that IT standardization requires an HP Windows 8 device. Of course everything is wonderful before the employees try to use the devices to get their work done.
    • Your comment reminded me of this story that SJVN didn't report

      "Of course everything is wonderful before the employees try to use the devices to get their work done."

      Very true and proof of this is here today:


      "The city council in Freiburg, Germany, is planning to ditch an open source office suite and go back to using Microsoft Office.
      "In the specific case of the use of OpenOffice, the hopes and expectations of the year 2007 are not fulfilled," the council wrote, adding that continuing use OpenOffice will lead to performance impairments and aggravation and frustration on the part of employees and external parties."

      I wonder why SJVN failed to report on this?
  • Wow never saw a bigger collection of Windoze fanbois in one place

    Maybe you can all conference call one another after your Windoze Phone 8 finishes it's spontaneous reboot!
    • I just tried calling you but immediately got your voice mail

      I need to talk to you. Could you please stop touching your iPhone, you are clearly shorting out the antenna.