Encrypt all your USB storage media with CipherUSB

Encrypt all your USB storage media with CipherUSB

Summary: A single $30 USB dongle powered by a FIPS/NIST certified 256-bit AES crypto engine can be used to secure USB flash drives, external hard drives, media cards, and even CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs burned using an USB optical drives.


Losing a USB flash drive or DVD disc can be a pain in the rear, but losing a USB flash drive or DVD disc containing confidential business information can be an absolute nightmare. And given the myriad of storage devices that we lug around with us on a daily basis, keeping track of it all becomes increasingly difficult.

The best way to lock away your data is to use encryption, but having to use different solutions for USB flash drives, USB hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs is cumbersome, and the more awkward encryption is to use, the greater the likelihood that it is not used.

And that's when problems start.

If you're struggling to keep your data safeguarded against snooping, then Addonics Technologies have a possible solution for you – the CipherUSB.

(Source: Adrian Kingsley-Hughes/ZDNet)

The CipherUSB is a small USB pass-through adapter than encrypt the data stored on any USB storage device it is connected to — whether that be a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, media cards, or even CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs burned using an USB optical drive.

(Source: Addonics Technologies)

Inside the tamper-evident housing of the CipherUSB dongle is FIPS/NIST certified 256-bit AES crypto engine. After the initial setup of the CipherUSB dongle – which includes a one-time setup where you program it with an encryption key – there's no passwords to enter or programs to run. You just connect the CipherUSB dongle between the computer (all operating systems with built-in support for mass storage devices are supported) and the USB mass storage device, and you're good to go.

In order to access the data you need a CipherUSB dongle programmed with the correct encryption key (you can have multiple dongles programmed to access the data, or just the one). For increased protection you can also daisy-chain several CipherUSB dongles together.

Not only is the CipherUSB a great tool, it comes in at a fantastic price, with a single dongle coming in at under $30. This makes it a gem for those looking for an easy-to-use and affordable BYOD data-securing tool.

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  • Have you tested this device?

    I was surprised to see that this solution is apparently not commonly available from retail vendors. Listed US distributor is Ingram Micro (channel disty, not retail), and otherwise may only be available from manufacturer site ( addonics.com ). I find no consumer reviews, but lots of industry articles.
  • The CypherUSB

    I tested it. It's great! Just click on CypherUSB in the first paragraph in this article. It will take you straight to where to buy it!
  • Need to store with USB device?

    I'm not sure how handy this is for travellers ... since you'd have to carry the dongle around with the USB drive what would keep a thief from getting both? Carry the dongle in one pocket and the USB drive in another?

    I like the price but want a password!
  • Bitlocker2go serves my purposes

    ...and works with my USB 3.0 external drives.
  • Something Else to Lose or Steal

    Logistically, this is like having a card with the PIN for your ATM card (assuming you could create a 30 digit PIN that you could not remember -- and Pi is the first thing a hacker would guess!) and storing them separately. If you store them together (e.g. in your wallet), they could both be lost or stolen together, and the finder or thief gets all your money. If you store them separately, then lose your "cheat" card, the ATM card is useless to YOU until you can go to the bank, etc. If you store them separately, then FORGET to take it with you, ditto. And if the burglar hits your house and gets the "cheat" card but not the ATM card, he just has to wait for you to come home and then rob you, then he has both.

    Of course, you could have backup cheat cards, just as you could have backup CipherUSB dongles with the same key. But again, stealing even one of them gives a thief the "key" to all your USB drives. Plus, the thief could buy another one, put a different key on it, and return the new one in place of yours. Then your data files are useless.

    I think a fingerprint, even though there are ways to replicate it, is better than this. At least with a fingerprint, you could, for example, put two fingers OTHER than thumb or index finger together in an unnatural position when programming it, so that anyone who gets an image of one finger would not be able to reproduce your access.
    • Fingerprints

      Maybe for you. I don't want a fingerprint reader until I can get one that checks for a pulse!
  • Oh why....

    TrueCrypt is open souce. Why bother paying for some hardware you can lose.
  • it's a fact!

    The revolutions going on for custom USB drives are undoubtedly amazing and rising in an exponential manner. Every other day, a new change is heard for this coolest small electronic gadget.
    Derrick Brandonn