Enjoy and control audio content on your iOS device with the RHA MA-450i earphones (gallery)

Enjoy and control audio content on your iOS device with the RHA MA-450i earphones (gallery)

Summary: Apple includes Earpods with their new iOS devices, but for $50 you can get the RHA MA-450i with 3-year manufacturer warranty.


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  • RHA MA-450i retail package

  • Package contents of the RHA MA-450i

  • Including the tips that come on the earphones, you get a total of 7 pairs of tips to try.

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  • You'll need it...

    Had the white ones since the start of summer; on my fourth pair. The fabric cable unwound on the first pair, the cover plate on the back of the speaker cone came off on the second, the third pair had the same problem with the fabric cable even though by this point they were living in their protective pouch.

    Had the current set 5 weeks and they seem to be okay.

    All that aside the sound does provide very good bass once it develops - this takes around 3 days of moderate use, and is in keeping with higher quality earphones. There is a good range of ear buds - three sizes and several replacements at each size.

    Apart from build errors, I am a fan of them (and the price). The sound is exceptional for the price and in call quality is very good. Only design fault is the shape of cones can often lead to the earbud coming off as you try and untangle the wire.